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    Who Is Marvel’s Skaar? Would He Make An Appearance In ‘She-Hulk’?

    Marvel Studios recently dropped their new TV series on Disney+, ‘She-Hulk: Attorney At Law‘. The series is currently being watched by millions of people worldwide. It features our old familiar green shredded superhero Hulk and his sister She-Hulk. This ten-episode sitcom also features other superheroes like Wong, Daredevil, and Abomination.

    Ever since the series started airing, there has been a question in the audience’s mind about the appearance of Hulk’s son Skaar. We definitely love the destructive yet charming presence of two Hulks in the show. Will we be getting a third one?

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    Who Is Skaar?

    Skaar made his first appearance in the Marvel universe in ‘World War Hulk issue’ #5 in January 2008. He has green eyes and has the unique characteristic of the black sclera. He has pale skin which is marked by tribal tattoos which is the characteristic of the true member of the shadow people, a part of his mother’s race.

    Skaar inherited the powers of both his father The Hulk and his mother Caiera who is one of the old inhabitants of the planet Sakar. The old power that he gets from his mother gives him the ability to channel the abilities of the planet itself. When he uses this he can move and manipulate the land. This strength combined with the natural strength of being the son of the Hulk is ridiculous. It’s even assumed that his physical power may be limitless. Also, doesn’t Skaar kind of give you the HulkxThor vibes, albeit with their darker versions?

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    Will Hulk’s son Finally Make His Debut?

    If we look at where the facts are leading us, it is very much believable that Skaar could be showing up anytime now. The Direct confirmed Skaar will be appearing in Marvel’s ‘She-Hulk‘ on Disney+. Although, it’s not yet confirmed by Marvel Studios.

    If we think about it, why else would a spaceship from Sakaar come to earth (episode 1)? The latest episode of the series has created a buzz among the fans. As our She-Hulk takes up her first case at her new firm, we see Hulk aboard a Sakaaran spacecraft and seemingly headed back there to deal with some urgent business. All these hints by MCU are not at all missed by the fans.

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