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    Who Would Win In A Fight: Dr. Strange Or Dr. Fate?

    In the world of fantasy where we find our escape, magic has always been one of the supreme superpowers to possess. The art of magic is a dangerous power to behold. Only those with the right knowledge, talent, and willpower can truly claim to be the most powerful wizard. No, I am not talking about harry potter, I am talking about the sorcerers of Marvel and DC.

    Everyone who holds an interest in watching movies is already well aware of the sorcerer supreme of Marvel Comics, and Dr. Fate DC’s cosmic defender. So let’s leave this gloomy, mundane reality for a while and decent towards the mystic world. Let us analyze the weapons, skills, and magic to find out who is the most powerful among the two wizards.

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    The Origin Of Dr. Strange

    Writer Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko created Doctor Strange. Dr. Strange made his Debut in Strange tales issue 110 in 1963. He appears in several issues before he is finally given his origin story in ‘Strange tales‘ issue 115. Steven Strange is a brilliant surgeon who has a car accident and then is unable to work due to serious nerve damage. While roaming the world around to find someone to fix him he hears about a being called ‘The Ancient One’. So, he sets out to find him.

    Eventually, when he finds him in the Himalayan mountains, the Ancient One declines to heal Steven because of his selfish motives. Strange calls the Ancient One a fraud. But once he witnesses the Ancient One fight off dark magic, he starts to acknowledge the existence of forces far beyond anything he had previously been willing to believe. He became the disciple of The Ancient one and then goes on to become his successor ‘The sorcerer supreme’.

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    The Origin Of Dr. Fate

    Let’s move on to Dr. Fate. We are going to consider Kent Nelson because he is the original Dr. Fate from the golden age of comics, and easily the most powerful version of the superhero. Gardener fox and Howard Sherman created Kent Nelson. He first appeared in More Fun comics issue 55 in 1940. His father Sven Nelson was an archaeologist, and one day while he was on a dig with his father, he came across a temple and decided to do some exploring.

    He enters the temple and finds an open sarcophagus that contains the body of Nabu. When he opens it he releases Nabu from suspended animation. The lord of order introduces himself and thanks Kent for setting him free. While this was happening Kent’s dad gets killed in the chambers of the temple by poisonous gas. This leads Nabu to say that he would teach Kent the scripts of the universe to repay him for his loss. He gives Kent the helmet of fate, the amulet of Anubis, and the cloak of destiny. He declares that this shall be his garments from this day on and he shall be Dr. Fate.

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    What Are The Powers They Possess?

    In addition to holding deep knowledge and skill in magic and mystic arts both of these sorcerers use powerful ancient magic to channel their primary weapons. Starting with Doctor Fate who bears the helmet of fate, the clock of destiny, and the amulet of Anubis. The helmet is the link between Nabu and Fate. Channeling Nabu’s immense God-like powers through the helmet. The amulet of Anubis grants him magical abilities. It has a magical void that can hold people inside.

    Lastly, Fate wears a clock of destiny which grants him super-strength, flight, and invulnerability. Kent Nelson’s mystical training from Nabu and the powers granted by his Relix, Doctor Fate is capable of super-strength, super speed, telepathy, flight, telekinesis, and much more. Not to mention that as long as he is wearing his helmet Nelson is immortal.

    Now let’s move on to his opponent Doctor Strange. As one of the most powerful sorcerers in existence strange draws some of his powers from a group of mystical God-like beings called the “Vishanti”. He channels most of the power through several mystical artifacts. The most important is his amulet known as the ‘Eye of Agamotto’.

    This amulet can radiate light, probe minds, open dimensional portals, Peirce illusions, and expose deception. Strange also has his cloak which allows him to fly without using his own magic. Then there is the book of Vishanti which is the largest and most powerful book of white magic knowledge in the universe. Dr. Strange is able to conjure powers such as flight, Astral projection, inter-dimensional travel, telepathy, telekinesis, illusion casting, time travel, matter manipulation, etc.

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    Who Is A More Advanced Magic User?

    Although both Strange and Fate use similar kinds of magic, there are a few points that give Fate the upper hand here. Dr. Strange is a spell caster, he learns them from the book of Vishanti. Fate is a spell creator who creates his own magic. Strange and Fate both hold the ability of telepathy and telekinesis although when it comes to speed, Fate can travel faster than the speed of light. His helmet, I mean just the helmet once flew through space so fast it reached the velocity of god.

    Is Dr. Strange A Copy Of Dr. Fate?

    Doctor Fate was created in 1940 and Doctor Strange was created in 1963. Given the fact that both companies have tendencies to copy ideas from one another, Marvel might have stolen the idea of having a doctor with a cape and magical powers in its universe. But one cannot be sure as they both have completely different stories of their origin.

    They didn’t have the same personality when before they got introduced to magic. Strange is an arrogant, money-minded doctor, and fate is a mantle. Dr. Fate is a superhuman whereas Dr. Strange is just a human with magical abilities. Thus the uncanny similarities between these characters signify that Strange might be inspired by Fate in some way.

    Who Will Win In A One On One Fight?

    Both of these wizards are so powerful that trying to find the limit of their power is like looking for a needle in a haystack. One might say that if given the chance Strange could certainly steal Fate’s power or maybe even just wipe him out of existence but Fate holds the advantage on a greater scale. Strange is a man borrowing the powers of a God while Fate is a God himself. With their maximum potential seemingly unmeasurable it’s easy to make an argument for either one of them to win.

    Fate is also much more experienced than Strange since Nabu has been around for over 10 billion years. While the casting of spells by Strange requires the use of his hand movements and artifacts, Fate can cast the majority of his spells non-verbally. Thus one can conclude that even though both the wizards hold immense power, Dr. Fate has an edge over Dr. Strange.

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