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    What Was Chris Evans’ Nu** Photo Scandal?

    Actors have always been in the spotlight. But there are instances when they swooped the internet by accident. Chris Evans was also once the victim of such a misfortune, that too because of a small mistake. Here’s what happened to Evans.

    Captain America had created quite a stir on the internet, when he posted a nude photo on his Instagram way back in September 2020. Both celebrities and netizens took to the internet in order to roast the actor. He trended online for about a week that September and later reacted to the scandal.

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    When Chris Evans’ Nude Photo Went Viral

    Chris Evans
    Chris Evans

    It was on September 12, 2020, that Chris Evans, the 41-year-old Marvel star had gone viral on the internet. He had shared a video of himself and a few of his friends playing Heads Up on his Instagram story. By the end of the footage, one could see his camera roll and his black-and-white nude picture. Well, many celebrities have been victims of such incidents. Even Jennifer Lawrence fell prey to a nude photo leak.

    Though the accidental post had been deleted immediately, by this time screenshots were taken and shared on other blogging sites. The actor trended on Twitter that week. Chris reacted to this mishap a week later in an interview on The Tamron Hall Show: “Things happen. It’s embarrassing, but you’ve gotta roll with the punches. I will say, I have fantastic fans who came to my support. That was really nice.”

    Evans is one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood and his net worth is a whopping $110 million. He has also bagged the title of ‘Sexiest Man Alive‘, and has an ever-growing fanbase.

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    Internet’s Reaction To The Scandal

    Chris Evans
    Chris Evans on going viral

    There were more than 200,000 tweets on Twitter addressing the accidental nude leak. This included the comments by his Marvel co-star Mark Ruffalo and his brother Scott Evans. Away from the drama, ‘The Scott Pilgrim vs. the World’ star took this attention to tweet “Now that I have your attention…. VOTE Nov 3rd!!!

    Jokes apart, the fans also came out to support the Marvel actor. Many urged the internet not to share the nude screenshots taken and to respect his privacy. The actor himself and many celebrities went on to appreciate the public’s generous behavior.

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