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    ‘X-Men ’97’ Episode 8: Magneto Wages War Against Humanity, Professor X Returns To Earth

    The three-part finale for ‘X-Men ’97’ kicked off with episode 8, Tolerance Is Extinction, Pt. 1. Mutants and X-Men are on the back foot after the Genosha Tragedy.

    In the previous episode, When the Sentinels killed almost everyone on the Genosha including one of the X-Men, Gambit, the team started their hunt for the Boliver Trask, who designed the Sentinels. However, when they catch him, they find out he is not the Trask they know but is a Prime Sentinel. He takes out all X-Men, however, Cable arrives out of nowhere to save his father Cyclops and other team members.

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    Bastion And Prime Sentinels Take Over To Execute Operation: Zero Tolerance

    Bastion and Prime Sentinels
    Bastion and Prime Sentinels (Image via Disney+)

    Cable tells X-Men about Bastion and his Prime Sentinels. Prime Sentinels are the humans who agreed to get infected by a techno-virus which enhances their abilities and gives them more mechanical strength. Bastion was successfully executing his plan with the help of Mr. Sinister.

    As Cable was telling what Bastion did in the future, Logan asked Cable why he didn’t save Genosha. Cable revealed that he tried multiple time however he was pulled away from the event. Beast revealed that the destruction of Genosha might be an Absolute Point, the events that are inevitable in all timelines. Beast also mentions the mystics of Kamar-Taj.

    Later the Summer family, Cyclops, Jean Grey and Cable go to dig more about Bastion. They later get to know that Bastion is not a normal human as his father was infected by a virus from the future sent by Nimrod.

    As they were checking more, Bastion’s mother transforms into Prime Sentinel and starts fighting all 3 mutants. Later, the whole town comes flying as Prime Sentinels to take out Cyclops, Jean and Cable.

    On the other side, Beast was looking for the Prime Sentinels with the help of Cerebro. When he sees the astonishing number of Prime Sentinels, Miss Tilby assaults him and the war at The X-Men mansion starts.

    Prime Sentinels destroys the mention while Wolverine along with Nightcrawler fights them off. Nightcrawler also uses his iconic swords to chop Prime Sentinels.

    In the middle of all that, Magneto escapes from the holds of Bastion, thanks to Val Cooper, and announces a war against Humanity. Soon after this, Professor X arrives on Earth and telepathically contacts “his” X-Men.

    Now, X-Men is at war against not only the Prime Sentinels and Bastion, but they also have to fight the Magneto and supposedly the Brotherhood. Prime Sentinels has already started locking up mutants, including Jubilee and Sunfire.

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    ‘X-Men ’97’ Episode 8 Feature Numerous Cameos

    Baron Zemo, Dr Doom and Spider-Man
    Baron Zemo, Dr Doom and Spider-Man (Image via FirstCuriosity)

    In addition to the Kamar-Taj and Dr Strange reference, there were multiple cameos in the show. While Bastion is explaining his plan to Val Cooper, he receives video calls from both Dr. Doom and Baron Zemo. It appears that other supervillains are well aware of Bastion’s plan to eradicate Mutants.

    In addition to this, in the final moments of the episode when Magneto unleashes the magnetic waves to deal with Prime Sentinels, the whole Earth gets blackout. During this scene, fans see a cutscene with Christopher Daniel Barnes’ Spider-Man from the 94’ animated series. It was a really cool cameo.

    The whole episode 8 was great and gripping from the start to the end. With the plot twist and action, it did a great job to set up the rest parts of the season finale. In addition to the action scenes, the episode also explored the tension between Cyclops and his son Cable.

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