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    Barry Keoghan Had To Leave ‘Gladiator II’ For His Cannes Premiered Film ‘Bird’. Here’s Why

    Barry Keoghan‘s most recent performance in the film ‘Bird’ is the talk of the town. The film was premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and was received quite well with a 7 minute applaud during the Cannes. Barry’ performance in the film shone out, and as he has hoped, the film managed to portray him in his most artistic form yet.

    However, all this glory for ‘Bird‘ and its actor came at a cost. Barry Keoghan revealed that he had to let go of ‘Gladiator II‘ to be able to dedicate himself fully to ‘Bird‘. The actor confirmed that he was signed up for the film ‘Gladiator II‘ but to drop out of the project. Here’s why he did it and how he feels about the decision.

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    Barry Keoghan Shares The Reason Why He Dropped Out From ‘Gladiator II’

    Barry Keoghan with the poster of ‘Bird’

    ‘Salt Burn’ actor reveals the real reason why he left ‘Gladiator II‘ for ‘Bird’. The actor was the first part of the sequel movie but it was later revealed that he left the project to focus on a different movie.

    While talking with IndieWire to promote Andrea Arnold’s ‘Bird‘, Barry revealed that he was a part of Gladiator but he left the movie due to scheduling issues. When asked about the drop out he said, “Um, conflicts, schedule conflicts. I am a massive fan of Gladiator and a massive fan of that cast. It’s a shame you can’t do both. But that happens in this game. You can’t do both”.

    The actor also talked about how shooting in two different countries makes it difficult to navigate work. “It always happens. Shooting in two different countries as well makes it really difficult,” the actor continued.

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    Barry Doesn’t Have Any Regrets Over Leaving ‘Gladiator II’

    Barry Keoghan in ‘Bird’

    Though Barry Keoghan appreciated the ‘Gladiator’ franchise, he does not regret leaving it for ‘Bird’. He said that ‘Bird‘ was the “most artistic experience ever for me as an actor”. He continued to appreciate ‘Bird‘ during the interview, saying, “I hope it shows onscreen. I don’t like to say there’s any composure of an actor up there on screen.”

    I am immersed, and I feel the approach is in an unstructured way. Andrea creates that and sets that documentary style, and you can only be truthful to it. You kind of get found out if you’re acting,” he added.

    Barry also appreciated the way director Andrea Arnold made the movie come to life. He contended that she has created a kind of experience with pure, spontaneous, and instinctive emotions.

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