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    Brad Pitt And Lewis Hamilton’s F1 Movie Surpasses $300 Million Budget, Fans Debate If It’s ‘Insane’ Or ‘Interesting’

    Gearheads and movie buffs alike are revving their engines in anticipation of the upcoming Formula One film which will star Brad Pitt and be produced by Lewis Hamilton. However, recent news has thrown some mud on the racetrack. The movie, rumored to be titled ‘Apex,’ has reportedly burned through a staggering $300 million budget.

    While fans are very excited about the news, the huge budget has started a debate about what the movie could have. Is this a recipe for disaster or a sign of an epic spectacle?

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    Why The High Budget For Brad Pitt And Lewis Hamilton’s Upcoming Film Is Justified

    Lewis Hamilton and Brad Pitt
    Lewis Hamilton and Brad Pitt

    According to reports, the huge budget is due to several factors. Filming delays caused by the actors undergoing extensive training to handle real Formula One cars are part of the issue. Let’s face it, putting Hollywood A-listers behind the wheel of high-performance machines is no small feat, and safety precautions are paramount. 

    Additionally, the use of cutting-edge special effects to recreate the heart-pounding intensity of F1 racing has driven the costs up further. However, while all these reasons are valid news of the budget has sent shockwaves through the industry. The concern is that with such a high bar set financially, the movie will need to pull in a record-breaking box office haul just to turn a profit.

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    Fans React To ‘Apex’ Movie’s Humungous Budget

    Brad Pitt in Formula One gear
    Brad Pitt in Formula One gear

    However, not everyone is hitting the brakes on their excitement. Die-hard Brad Pitt fans are confident that his star power, coupled with the high-octane world of F1, will be a box office winner. “Damn, that’s a lot of money. But it’s a Brad Pitt project so that’s okay in my book” remarked one X user.

    Others were commenting about how much money the movie is going to lose. One person wrote, “Lmao this gonna lose so much money I can’t wait.” There’s also a certain allure to a big-budget Hollywood film taking a gamble on a niche sport like Formula One. If done right, ‘Apex’ could introduce F1 to a whole new generation of fans.

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