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    “Dang, My Baby Is Crushing This”: Kirsten Dunst Praises Her Husband Jesse Plemons Joining ‘Civil War’ After Original Actor Dropped Out Days Before Filming

    Kirsten Dunst had constantly been in the headlines due to her interview spree. Kirsten is known for her role as the iconic character for the Spider-Man-verse MJ. She has also shown interest in wanting to be a part of the Marvel films.

    Dunst’s latest film ‘Civil War’ is being loved by the audience. However, there were a lot of barriers faced by the creators during the filming of the film. Creator Alex Garland told the LA Times about an actor dropping out days before filming.

    However, Kirsten saved the day and suggested that her husband Jesse Plemons could take the place of the actor. All turned out in the movie’s favor as Jesse’s role despite being a small one was loved by the film’s audience. Moreover, Kirsten also shared how impressed she was with Jesse’s acting skills: “I’m going to be very honest watching him play that role, I was like, ‘Dang, my baby is crushing this role.’ So that’s how I felt. I was like, ‘F—, he’s a good actor.”

    Garland explained that it was pure luck that Jesse was able to do the role on such short notice. He even explained that he was not being disrespectful to the other actor by sharing this and that he genuinely thought he was lucky. “That makes it sound like I’m being disrespectful to the other actor. I’m not at all. It’s just that the film was very lucky to get Jesse.”

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    “It Was So Haunting”: Jesse Plemens’ Co-Star Cailee Spaney On His Role In ‘Civil War’

    Jesse Plemons in Civil War
    Jesse Plemons in ‘Civil War’

    Jesse Plemons wasn’t playing any major character. However, he left the audience in awe with his amazing performance. Jesse was portraying an unfriendly racist American soldier in ‘Civil War’. Even his co-star Cailee Spaney praised his dedication to the role in an interview with EW. She labeled her filming experience with Jesse as ‘haunting’. 

    Jesse was completely in character, improvising the whole time and just drilling me. I was just thinking, ‘Oh my God, Jesse, please stop!’ It was so haunting”, she said. The haunting scene Cailee was describing was when Jesse’s character was about to almost kill her in a scene. In the scene, Cailee’s character ‘Jessie’ is about to die after being thrown into a grave by Plemons. However, she was saved by another journalist.

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