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    Director Matthew Vaughn Confirms Aaron Taylor-Johnson Will Return In ‘Kick-Ass’ Reboot Trilogy

    Matthew Vaughn is all set to return with his new trilogy for his ‘Kick-Ass‘ franchise reboot. Vaughn is a visionary director who wants all three parts of the movie to stand out. Additionally, he disclosed that the first film in the trilogy, called the ‘Fight School’ has already been completed and is all set to release.

    The filmmaker also expressed his views on the cast of the movies. He would want some new additions to the storyline but would also prefer to continue with the old ensemble including Aaron Taylor Johnson.

    In the previous Kick-Ass movie, he portrayed the role of Dave Lizewski, an introverted high school student who decides to utilize his love for comic books to his advantage by turning into a real-life superhero. No doubt the storyline of the series was ahead of its time.

    According to Variety, the second movie in the trilogy, ‘The Stuntman’, is currently in production. Another interesting detail is that the movie is directed by Damien Walter who is a stuntman himself. It tells the story of two brothers who want to become stunt performers.

    The third installment of the movie would be titled ‘Kick-Ass’ only. But there are not enough details about it as the movie is being written right now.

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    Plans For The Trilogy And The Cast Details

    Director Matthew  Vaughn
    Director Matthew Vaughn

    Even though the planning layout for the trilogy has been made, there is still no information about the plot. Considering Dave Lizweski’s narrative, anything could happen.

    Perhaps the previous storyline would be continued or a new storyline could be added as well. Moreover, nothing is revealed about the cast as well. Dave was a teenager in the movie but Aaron Johnson who played it has grown out for the role.

    Hence, nothing could be inferred from the available information. The release date for the movie is also unknown, but one of the movies from the trilogy would likely be released before 2026.

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