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    Dwayne Johnson’s Toxic Behavior Allegedly Cost His Upcoming Film ‘Red One’ $50 Million While Crew Complained About Him Peeing In Bottles And More

    Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has emerged as one of the biggest Hollywood stars. From his early days in the WWE, fans knew Dwanyne was a natural entertainer and had a good long career in Hollywood. He has a reputation for being a hard worker and giving his 100% for the project.

    However, according to a report, Johnson was acting very unprofessional on the set of Amazon MGM’s Christmas movie ‘Red One’. The movie was supposed to be released in the 2023 holiday season, but it was pushed to November 2024. Fans believe the SAG-AFTRA strike caused this delay, however, the story reportedly has more to that.

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    Dwayne Johnson Reportedly Used To Arrive 7-8 Hours Late On The Set

    Dwayne Johnson Red One (1)
    Dwayne Johnson in ‘Red One’ (Image via FirstCuriosity)

    The Wrap recently released a lengthy report after talking to insiders who were closely involved in the production of ‘Red One’. According to the report, Johnson was very unprofessional on the set. He used to come for the shooting about 7-8 hours late. It forced crew members to shoot scenes around him.

    In addition to that, Johnson reportedly pees in the water bottle to save time. Insiders revealed that the crew members were upset with “The Rock” for such behavior.

    Not only did Johnson’s behavior affect the crew members, but it also impacted the movie’s production. His alleged lack of professionalism led to the Chris Evans and J.K. Simmons starrer movie’s budget going over $250 million.

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    Amazon MGM Denies The Allegations Against The Rock

    Dwayne Johnson Amazon MGM
    Dwayne Johnson and Amazon MGM (Image via FirstCuriosity)

    After seeing the drama going viral on social media, Amazon MGM has released a statement addressing The Wrap‘s report. They denied the existence of any sort of behind-the-scene drama.

    Amazon MGM’s spokesperson said, “Dwayne Johnson and Seven Bucks have been incredible partners on ‘Red One’—a film that audiences of all ages are going to love this holiday season. Our testing has been very strong — the reaction from CinemaCon speaks for itself — and we couldn’t have made it without Dwayne’s constant work and support. Any reporting that implies that we got to this point with him showing up seven-eight hours late to set is both ridiculous and false.” 

    In the same report, TheWrap also alleged that The Rock arrived 3 hours late at WrestleMania 40. However, WWE took no time to defend “The Final Boss”. WWE’s Head of Global communication and talent relations head told Wrestling Inc, said, “Dwayne was not only on time for WrestleMania, he was hours early to help with rehearsal — and a pleasure to work with throughout the entire run”.

    His recent work at the WrestleMania 40 was the testimony of Johnson’s dedication. He along with Cody Rhodes, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns carried one of the biggest storylines of the modern era of WWE and helped them break attendance records every week.

    Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, himself, has not said anything about this report. It is unlikely that fans will see a response from The Rock as Amazon MGM and WWE are already handling the situation.

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