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    Dwayne Johnson Tried Taking Over DC Movies But WB CEO David Zaslav Ruined His Plan

    The most well-known personality from the sports world tried his hands in the superhero film industry but failed miserably. Well, it’s none other than Dwayne ‘The Rock‘ Johnson. He had a vision for the DCU. After The Rock convinced Warner Bros. bosses to resign Henry Cavill as Superman, the future of the DCU looked in the right hands.

    Dwayne had various plans for the franchise to flourish, but it didn’t work out his way. He even met David Zaslav to make Hiram Garcia, as the new head of DC, but his plans were dumped.

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    The Rock Tried To Take Over The DC And Failed

    Dwayne Johnson blames DC Studios' leadership for discontinuation of 'Black Adam' franchise
    Dwayne Johnson for DCU

    Dwayne went around everyone, which didn’t sit well,” a source familiar with the situation told Variety. Previously Dwayne Johnson met with the CEO Davis Zaslav to pitch his multiyear movie Black Adam and Superman. He wanted a Superman and Black Adam showdown, which later served as a franchise’s Kryptonite. 

    Johnson wasn’t alone in this plan. He had Hiram Garcia (his ex-brother-in-law) and Beau Flynn as a part of his master plan to enter DCU. Dwayne’s plans were discarded as the future of Black Adam took place during an executive shuffle that made fans sad. But even after all of this, Warner Bros co-heads approved a cameo for Henry Cavill in Black Adam.

    Everything was going well, just as Dwayne wanted but Black Adam was an underwhelming film and didn’t perform as expected. The movie earned $391 million against a $195 budget and $40 million worth of reshoots. This was the reason that Rock’s anti-hero character might not get another chance with Henry Cavill’s time as Superman officially ended.

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    Black Adam Was The Worst DCEU Movie Ever

    Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam
    Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

    Black Adam was Dwayne’s dream project which was supposed to open the doors for his DCEU journey. But the movie failed miserably and he lost the chance to revive the DC universe. The movie was based on an enslaved person from a fictional African country and then later discovered his superhero powers but later turned into an anti-hero.

    The movie was supposed to come out in December 2021 but was delayed due to the pandemic and was a complete miss in the theaters.

    It was also noted that Black Adam still managed to find a place in the box office top 10 for 2022. But later the DC franchise was taken over by James Gunn and Peter Safran. Which meant that Rock’s DCU career was finally over. James Gunn and Peter Safran have completely changed the board of DCU comics.

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