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    Dwayne Johnson Explains How Black Adam Could Beat Superman If They Were To Face Each Other

    Dwayne Johnson has a very successful career in Hollywood. He has portrayed some iconic characters in blockbusters like ‘Jumanji’, and ‘Fast and Furious’ franchises among others.

    He debuted as Black Adam, the infamous anti-hero of the DC comics after a long tug-of-war with the WB studio. Fans have always wondered who would prevail in a match between Superman and Teth-Adam. Dwayne also offered his opinion on the situation, one that is backed by the facts. 

    Dwyane wrote a post on X explaining his belief that an anti-hero could defeat Superman. He addressed the assumption of a movie critique called Fico Cangiano’s, that Superman can defeat Black Adam. 

    Dwayne recalled how Superman’s greatest weakness isn’t Kryptonite. The greatest weakness isn’t kryptonite, it’s magic, Greatest superpower is magic,” he said. However, Black Adam’s greatest ability is Black Magic and he can defeat Superman.

    Superman’s two main weaknesses are magic and Kryptonite and this is well established in the comics. Kryptonite is extremely dangerous to the body of Superman, the green crystals in the case of the old Kryptonite are toxic to all Kryptonians. Like regular humans, the man of steel is helpless against magical weapons and spells. Thus, the DC hero is unable to dodge Black Adam.

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    Dwayne Johnson Couldn’t Relate To Superman


    It’s no secret that Dwayne Johnson has been a huge fan of DC comics since his childhood. Despite not being able to relate to Superman, he communicated his adoration for him. He also mentioned that he was immediately drawn by Black Adam’s dark brown skin when he first saw it in the comic and was sure that the role was made for him.

    However, the movie didn’t quite make an impression. The movie grossed a staggering $393 million at the global box office earnings, while its budget skyrocketed to $260 million, without including marketing costs.

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