How did Tom Holland and Zendaya start dating? Know all about their love story.

Tom Holland and Zendaya

It’s been rumoured for a bit now that Tom Holland and Zendaya are dating. The two were spotted kissing at a red carpet event for Spider-man: Homecoming and fans have also noted they’re flirting on social media. Neither has confirmed the relationship, but it seems pretty obvious to me that they’re at least super close friends.

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Tom Holland and Zendaya
Tom Holland and Zendaya started off as best friends on set.

Tom Holland is best known as the actor who played Peter Parker/Spider-man in Spider-man: Homecoming and Zendaya is best known as an actress who came to prominence with her starring roles in Disney Channel’s Shake It Up! and K.C. Undercover. So, fans probably assumed that she’d be the first one to confirm the relationship.

How did they meet?

Tom Holland and Zendaya both attended Brown University but it all started on the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming. In 2016, they both appeared as the leads in the film Spider-Man: Homecoming. Although Spider-Man is a Marvel comic book character, he became an official part of Sony Pictures’ Marvel Entertainment’s Marvel Cinematic Universe because of a deal with Disney-Marvel Studios. This made Holland and Zendaya close colleagues after their first appearance as co-stars in the film adaptation. They also play love interests to each other’s characters, Peter Parker and Michelle Jones respectively.

How and when did they fall in love?

Tom Holland and Zendaya’s relationship isn’t that big of a mystery. Everyone knows the two young stars met while filming Spider-Man: Homecoming in 2016. But what is the timeline of their love story?

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To answer this question, here are all the crucial moments in their whirlwind romance!

Tom Holland

A complete timeline of their love story :

Sept. 2, 2016 :

Filming on Spider-Man: Homecoming begins in Atlanta! Tom and Zendaya join the cast and crew to work until November 2017.

Oct. 29, 2016 :

The first pictures of Tom and Zendaya together surface online during a dinner date in New York City with friends Marisa Tomei and Dave Franco!

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Nov. 6, 2016 :

The two were photographed holding hands while walking in New York City.

Nov. 7, 2016 :

Tom is seen wearing a Spider-Man: Homecoming shirt, and accompanying Zendaya to an event on the same day!

Nov. 8, 2016 :

Tom and Zendaya paid a visit to the Empire State Building in New York City!! The duo was photographed with the famous American symbol of freedom.

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Nov. 10, 2016 :

Zendaya and Tom were photographed holding hands in NYC AGAIN!!!

Nov. 14, 2016 :

Tom and Zendaya are outed as a couple by an unnamed source!

March 9, 2017 :

Tom’s mom, Suzanne Holland spills the beans about Zendaya. She says “I am not quite sure how they met, they have known each other since filming has started. Tom has been in love for the past year.”

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March 31, 2017 :

Zendaya tweets about Tom and confirms the relationship by saying “I’m proud of you baby for keepin’ it 100%, real & true to yourself. You’re one of a kind.” @TomHolland1996

Tom Holland and Zendaya
Tom Holland posted the picture on Zendaya’s birthday.

May 1, 2017 :

Tom reveals that his current relationship with Zendaya is the longest he’s ever had! (The two have only been dating since October 2016.) When asked who his longest relationship was with before he replied “My current girlfriend. I’ve been with her since October 2016. It’s the first serious relationship I’ve ever been in!”

May 31, 2017 :

Tom and Zendaya attend the Met Gala together!

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June 1, 2017 :

An eyewitness spotted Tom cuddling with Zendaya on the red carpet at a screening of Homecoming. They looked cosy as ever!

June 5, 2017 :

Zendaya hints that she and Tom are in a very serious relationship when she tweeted “Someone you are compatible with is not necessarily someone you want to be around all the time. It’s important to have your own life.”

June 6, 2017 :

Tom and Zendaya were spotted at Disneyland!! The two were seen holding hands while walking around the theme park.

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July 4, 2017 :

Tom and Zendaya celebrated their 5-month anniversary by making their relationship red carpet official at Comic-Con in San Diego!! It was the first time they were photographed together! Tom and Zendaya walked hand-in-hand for the cameras! The couple was also spotted walking together throughout the convention centre and backstage.

July 26, 2017 :

Tom and Zendaya were spotted at Dave & Buster’s!! They played an arcade game of NBA 2k18 while eating popcorn.

Aug. 7, 2017 :

Tom and Zendaya were photographed together at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards! It was the first time they attended together, and it was also Zendaya’s first VMAs!’

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Sep. 5, 2017 :

Tom and Zendaya posed for a photo during an Atlanta event in honour of the Spider-Man: Homecoming Movie!

Sep. 19, 2017 :

Zendaya posted a photo on Instagram of Tom and her with stacks of magazines which reported they were spotted together on set.

Oct. 20-21, 2017 :

Tom and Zendaya attend a diversity panel event together! The two were seen taking pictures together backstage with other attendees.

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Nov. 3, 2017 :

Tom and Zendaya attend a fun event where students had to guess the capital cities of their destinations!

Nov. 24, 2017 :

Tom posted a photo on his Instagram with Zendaya, Marissa Tomei and Dave Franco at the same event. It’s one of the few times they were seen together during the year they started dating.

Nov. 28, 2017 :

Zendaya posted a picture of her and Tom together on her IG account that was later deleted. The two are often spotted together in public with friends such as Marissa Tomei and Dave Franco during events like movie promotions, red carpet events etc.

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Dec. 3, 2017 :

Zendaya’s mom, Lynn Hashimoto confirmed that Tom and Zendaya are together once more on a radio show!

Tom and Zendaya at the set of Spider-Man.

Dec. 11, 2017 :

Tom poses with Zendaya on his IG account. They also uploaded photos of themselves together to their social media accounts as a couple. This was the first time they posted photos publicly as a couple despite their public outings in July 2018 in San Diego Comic-Con.

Dec. 18, 2017 :

Tom and Zendaya attend a Disney event together!! The duo was photographed attending the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World with friends including Marisa Tomei and Dave Franco!

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Zendaya and Tom Holland met on the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming, but their relationship didn’t go public until January 23.


It was also at this time that they confirmed they are in a romantic relationship. They were seen kissing at the Kids’ Choice Awards in March. At this time, she changed her hair colour blonde after being teased about it for years by social media users. The two appeared in the music video “FRIENDS” by Marshmello when she was still dating Tyler Posey. The song hit #1 on Billboard Hot 100.


The two were photographed kissing at the GQ Style Awards in June. They walked the red carpet together as a couple for the first time at the Met Gala. The same month, she changed her hair colour back to black after spending a year and a half with blonde hair. At this time, she is also still dating Tyler Posey. In July of that year, they travelled to Canada together and posed with holding hands while wearing matching outfits.

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Tom and Zendaya at the premiere of their latest movie, Spider-Man : No way home.


In conclusion, the two were first seen laughing together at an Awards show in 2015, and they were then seen filming a romantic scene for Spider-Man: Homecoming. After their on-screen chemistry, they both credited the other as one of their main inspirations. Tom Holland jokingly said to Zendaya that he was her “husband”, which led to the two going out on a date. Now that you know how it all started, here’s hoping you get some tips yourself!