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    “I Still Have Hope”: Zoe Saldaña Is Optimistic About ‘Star Trek 4’ Despite Its Delay

    Zoe Saldaña disclosed that a ‘Star Trek’ sequel has been in development for a while, and she is optimistic about reprising her role in it. Speaking during a podcast with ‘The Disclosure‘, Saldaña said, “I still have hopeI had a wonderful experience through and through and through the three times that I was a part of that team.” 

    Saldaña plays the character of Nyota Uhura in the movie franchise. The fourth part of the film is taking a considerably long time to get the production going as expected. As of now, there isn’t any confirmation about its release. Executives at Paramount have also previously pushed through with the film, but to no avail.

    However, clinging to her optimism, Zoe further shared that she would love to come back with the original cast: “I know that they’re always trying to sort of aim to wrangle everybody together, but I also know that Paramount is working on a new sort of fresh take on Star Trek, which I think is such a wonderful franchise that should live for a very long time, whether or not us as the original remake cast can come back. I don’t know, but I certainly hope so.”

    Saldaña had hinted at her desire to work on one last Star Trek film with the entire cast in an interview with The actress said it was always a beautiful experience to work with J.J Abrams and she would be grateful for the opportunity.

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    What Is The Current Progress With ‘Star Trek 4’?

    Zoe Saldaña in previous Star trek
    Zoe Saldaña in previous Star trek

    Star Trek 4‘ is presently under production, although it remains uncertain when it will be done with production and be up for release. There are ongoing plans that allude to a new film starring Zoe Saldaña with the original cast members, but there’s no official confirmation for that either.

    Even a standalone movie titled ‘Star Wars: Andor‘ by director Toby Haynes and Seth Grahame Smith premiered before the fourth part of the movie got released. The film was termed as the prequel of the ‘Star Trek’ movie series. Considering the progress of the movie, it is going to take a long time to film the movie with the same cast members.

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