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    “I Wanted To Cry”: Kevin Costner Reveals He Used Morphine On ‘Hidden Figures’ Set Despite Never Shooting Drunk Or High In His Career

    Over the years, Kevin Costner has established himself as one of Hollywood’s finest actors as he continues to make stellar films and shine through all of them. Another example of his cinematic brilliance is how he did a phenomenal job in ‘Hidden Figures’ even while he was having a health issue.

    When filming his role as Al Harrison in the 2016 film ‘Hidden Figures‘, Costner disclosed that he encountered serious health issues. In spite of his condition, he never missed a day of work on the set. Here’s how Costner managed to work on the biographical drama despite facing health issues.

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    How Kevin Costner Worked On ‘Hidden Figures’ With An IV Drip

    Kevin Costner in 'Hidden Figures'
    Kevin Costner in ‘Hidden Figures’

    Despite working under an IV drip for ten days because of kidney stones, Kevin Costner revealed that he stayed dedicated to his role in the biographical drama. Speaking to People about the experience, the actor said, “I’ve never worked drunk on a set. I’ve never worked high on a set, but I was on morphine the last two weeks that I worked on [Hidden Figures].”

    “I don’t even know how [I did it],” he added. “About three days of it I was normal and then something happened to me.” The actor said that he would sit in his trailer with a morphine drip in his arm and even had to roll down his sleeves to cover up bruises from his IV drip. “Eventually I had to. I wanted to cry, but there was everybody watching, so I didn’t.”

    Despite all the difficulties, the actor still looks back on the film with immense love and pride. “It was magic,” he said, of working with Theodore Melfi and Octavia Spencer.

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    Kevin Costner’s Next Project

    Kevin Costner's 'Horizon'
    Kevin Costner’s ‘Horizon’

    The actor is currently involved in press events and interviews for his film Horizon‘, which has opened to somewhat positive somewhat controversial opinions on his depiction of Native Americans. The film also stars his son.

    Over three hours, the film revolves around several individuals who are lured to the Horizon colony by a leaflet offering land to those who dare to visit. The movie involved a number of Native American cultural advisors, and the actors received instruction in the White Mountain Apache dialect specifically for their roles to ensure it was culturally appropriate.

    The film is available to watch in theatres.

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