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    Kevin Costner Put $38 Million Of His Own Money In Polarizing Passion Project ‘Horizon’, But Is It All About His Vanity?

    Kevin Costner‘s cowboy drama ‘Horizon’ saw several appreciations as well as criticisms at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival, where the film earned a seven-minute standing ovation, a few brutally honest reviews that were a little less than complimentary, and several walkouts during the screening.

    Costner, who has previously talked about how much he has invested in the film, also shared his fears of no one actually paying him to release the film which is being called a ‘vanity project’ by many. Here’s how ‘Horizon‘ performed at the festival, and how it may perform commercially.

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    Kevin Costner Has Taken A Big Risk With ‘Horizon’

    Kevin Costner in 'Horizon'
    Kevin Costner in ‘Horizon’

    ‘Horizon: An American Saga — Chapter 1,’ Kevin Costner’s first film endeavor in twenty years and the first installment of a four-film series, debuted to a largely unfavorable reception. Costner says that he has contributed $38 million of his own funds to the ‘Horizon‘ film series thus far, making up a sizeable portion of its purportedly over $100 million budget, which he partially financed by mortgaging his ranch.

    The risky passion project by Costner may cost him way more than he expects, though, owing to the film’s mostly unfavorable reviews. It follows a route that is similar to what Francis Ford Coppola is facing for his film ‘Megalopolis, which is also a passion project he has invested millions into and now stands with an unsure future as he doubts if anyone would pay him to release the film.

    Whether Costner’s willingness to release three sequels will be affected by the unfavorable reviews for the film In the US, is still unknown. ‘Horizon‘ launches its first part in theaters on June 28 and its second chapter on August 16. The third part of the movie is presently being filmed by Costner.

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    What Is ‘Horizon’ About?

    Kevin Costner in 'Horizon'
    Kevin Costner in ‘Horizon’

    According to its synopsis on the Cannes website, the film deals with the “epic journey of the expansion of the American West,” including the Native Americans and the colonists who established themselves on the territory both before and after the Civil War.

    The graphic film, which examines how the American West spread, is told from the perspectives of farmers, soldiers, and cattle ranchers. As he makes his way through, Costner engages in a passionate relationship with a distraught damsel who is 33 years younger than him. An outstanding cinematic extravaganza of grandeur, size, and character-driven emotion that is made for the big screen, Horizon offers a thought-provoking and uncompromising look at America’s past against the stunningly stunning backdrop of the staggering horizon.

    As for Costner, he couldn’t be prouder about the work he has put in the film. Following the long ovation he received for his work he said, “I’m sorry you had to clap so long for me to speak,” Costner said to the crowd before adding, “I think movies aren’t about their opening weekends, they are about their lives. And about how many times you are willing to share it. And I hope you do share this movie with your sweethearts, with your children.”

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