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    “It’s Not A Joke”: Jane Austen Fans Slam Dakota Johnson’s ‘Persuasion’ Trailer

    The trailer for ‘Persuasion‘ is finally here and people are not happy. The much-awaited period drama stars Dakota Johnson and Henry Golding. It has been adapted from Jane Austen’s memorable work.

    Netflix’s adaptation of this classic was touted as sticking close to the original novel with an added “modern, witty approach” to the story. However, after the streamer released the first full-length trailer, it was only met with full-on backlash.

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    ‘Persuasion’ Trailer Receives Backlash On Social Media

    The first thing to know is that this backlash is nuanced. People seem to have a lot of issues with the film, from the accents to the writing credits. While fans of Jane Austen’s original work and other previous adaptations felt like this was too much of a departure from the ‘Persuasion’ they know and love.

    Fans criticized the trailer for making the film look like a comedy with slapstick and ‘Fleabag‘-like elements.

    The booklovers seemed mad at one instance of the trailer and they made their views perfectly clear.

    People also made memes on the ‘Persuasion‘ trailer.

    All About Jane Austen’s Novel ‘Persuasion’

    A still from 'Persuasion'
    A still from ‘Persuasion’ trailer

    The Jane Austen novel, ‘Persuasion‘ tells the story of a second chance. It follows the life of two characters – Anne Elliot and Captain Frederick Wentworth. Eight years earlier, she had been persuaded not to marry him and now he finally comes back into her life. Wentworth returns from the Napoleonic Wars with prize money and the social acceptability of naval rank. The novel follows the reawakening of love between the two and more.

    While fans’ anger towards the trailer is acceptable, there’s a reason why Netflix adapted the story and didn’t just re-release an older version. They intended to give it a new spin, and as with any remake, artistic license matters.

    Persuasion‘ will release on Netflix on July 15.

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