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    Joker’s Last Laugh: Laughing Bag/Pouch In ‘The Flash’ Explained

    The Flash’ has managed to captivate audiences with its thrilling storyline and nostalgic nods to the iconic Batman universe. One particular Easter egg that has caught the attention of fans is the inclusion of a laughing bag in a scene within Batman’s lair. Let’s find out the significance of this laughing bag and its connection to the 1989 Batman movie’s memorable last laugh moment.

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    Barry Breaks Timelines In ‘The Flash’ And Entry Of Michael Keaton’s Batman

    Flash and Batman
    Flash and Batman

    In ‘The Flash,’ the story revolves around two versions of Barry Allen, Future Barry, and Present Barry, who find themselves in Batman’s lair. Notably, Batman is portrayed by Michael Keaton, the same actor who played the Caped Crusader in the 1989 Batman film. In this altered timeline, Bruce Wayne (Batman) is now elderly and lives a solitary life in his mansion.

    Future Barry, having made a grave error while attempting to change the past and save his mother, finds himself without his speedster powers. To rectify the situation, Future Barry brings Present Barry to Star Labs, hoping to recreate the accident that granted him his powers. However, as Present Barry successfully gains the power of the Flash, Future Barry loses his abilities.

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    “The Last Laugh” Bag And Its Connection To The 1989 Batman Movie

    Laughing Bag in 1989 Batman
    Laughing Bag in 1989 Batman

    As the tension of Future Barry’s power loss looms, Present Barry finds himself playfully exploring the Bat Cave. During his lighthearted exploration, he stumbles upon a small green bag that emits a distinct laughing sound when opened. This moment is a deliberate Easter egg referencing the 1989 Batman movie and its unforgettable final scene involving the Joker.

    In the closing moments of the 1989 Batman film, the Joker meets his demise, and Commissioner Gordon recovers a green bag from the Joker’s pocket. As the bag is opened, it releases a haunting laughter. The inclusion of a similar laughing bag in ‘The Flash‘ pays homage to this iconic scene, linking the two Batman universes and highlighting the Joker’s enduring legacy.

    The laughing bag serves as a symbolic reminder of the Joker’s sinister humor and the chaos he brought to Gotham City. Its presence in The Flash evokes nostalgia for fans of the 1989 Batman movie, offering a delightful connection between the past and present iterations of these beloved characters.

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