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    Leonardo DiCaprio And Kate Winslet Hated THIS Popular ‘Titanic’ Scene So Much That They Tried To Cut It Out

    Titanic‘ has been one of the greatest movies of all time. With the diligent craftsmanship of director James Cameron, the movie went on to become one of the best of the century. But there were a lot of decisions and discussions that needed to be made in order to produce this masterpiece. The making of the film was long and the actors – Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, admitted that they had to shed their sleep schedule in order to work out the making of the film.

    There was this one scene in the movie that the crew really hated. In fact, everyone on the set hated it. Though Cameron was under pressure to remove the scene from the film, he did not do so. And, the scene surprisingly became one of the most striking scenes in Hollywood’s history. So what was the scene hated by the crew but loved by the audience?

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    The Beloved ‘Titanic’ Scene That Leonardo DiCaprio And Kate Winslet Hated

    The Golden Globe Awards. January 1998
    The Golden Globe Awards, January 1998

    The spit scene is the one that everyone in the crew hated the most. From the lead actors to the production team, the ‘Titanic‘ team was not in favor of having the scene in the movie. But director James Cameron insisted on keeping it.

    I wrote the spitting scene where Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) shows her ( Kate Winslet) how to spit. The President of my company (Paramount) begged me to take it out. She hated it. My co-producer didn’t like it. The people at Fox didn’t like the scene. Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t like it. Kate Winslet didn’t like the spitting scene when we all sat around reading it the first time,” Cameron recounted his experience on The Buffalo News. He finally convinced everyone and went forward with his decision. And, it proved to be right with the scene becoming the second or third highest-rated scene in the film.

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    The Legacy Of ‘Titanic

    Behind the Scene: On the set of Titanic
    Behind-the-scenes picture from the set of ‘Titanic’

    Even before the movie hit the theatres, news had spread about this massive film. The making of the movie went on to break and make records. So what made the pre-production of ‘Titanic’ this hefty? The movie was shot in many different locations including the Atlantic Ocean, Mexico, Nova Scotia, and Vancouver to name a few. James Cameron, the mastermind, gave much attention to the details of the movie. The can be accuracy and precision strictly followed by the director can be seen from the smallest props on the set to the extras in the background of the movies.

    For their part, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, played their roles to perfection and their chemistry was among the best ever seen on the big screen to date. For this reason, ‘Titanic‘ remains one of the best, most romantic films of all time.

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