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    ‘M3GAN Ending Explained: How Does The Terrifying Ending Set Up For A Sequel?

    Horror powerhouse Blumhouse Productions is back with another fright fest, ‘M3GAN‘. Known for hits such as ‘Get Out,’ ‘Split,’ and ‘Happy Death Day,’ Blumhouse’s latest horror thriller is about an android doll prototype named ‘M3GAN‘ that is up to no good.

    Directed by Gerard Johnston (‘Housebounds‘, ‘The New Legends of Monkeys‘) and written by Akela Cooper, ‘M3GAN’ stars Allison Williams, Violet McGraw, Ronny Chieng, and Brian Jordan Alvarez. With all the praise it has been receiving, Blumhouse has another success on its hands. The film has received high praise for its ludicrous blend of horror and comedy. If you’re anything like us, you wonder about that utterly insane ending. We’ve got you covered.

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    What Happens In ‘M3GAN’?

    Allison Williams and Violet McGraw

    Allison Williams plays Gemma, a tech genius working for a toy company. She’s facing heat at work as her book David (Ronny Chieng) is looking to create a cutting-edge toy that shall make them miles ahead in the industry. While Gemma tries her best not to buck under pressure, life throws her another curveball. She gets tasked with looking after her orphaned niece Caddy (Violet McGraw).

    Gemma cannot connect with her niece and raise her to the best of her abilities. Her grieving niece finds no solace in her aunt, whose genius begins and stops at machines. In a desperate move, Gemma introduced Violet to Bruce, a robot she created in college. Seeing Violet’s receptiveness toward Bruce, Gemma is inspired to create ‘M3GAN’, a perfect mechanical doll companion for her niece.

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    The Ending of ‘M3GAN’ Explained

    M3GAn Up to No Good

    Gemma’s plan works as Violet takes to the doll quickly. M3GAN is kind, loving, wise, and empathetic, all the things Gemma isn’t. The doll becomes a de-facto parent for the poor child as she helps ease her grief in their time together. However, movie history is a testament to creepy dolls forming human bonds. Soon, the doll begins to gain sentience. To protect Violet, it starts to hurt people it judges unfit for the child. Gemma realizes the error of his ways and takes the doll back to her lab.

    However, M3GAN, much smarter now, escapes and returns to the house to kill her creator. As it’s about to end her life, a horrified Cady appears. For a moment, it looks like Cady accepts M3GAN as the only presence in her life. She flips the script by shredding the doll in half with the gloves to control Bruce.

    When it looks like the aunt and the niece are safe and have left their recent troubles behind, we are introduced to a still image of an Alexa-like device of Gemma’s creation emitting an evil, red light. Just when you think things are back to normal, it’s heavily implied that M3GAN is still alive and kicking. Her body died, but she seemed to have expanded her consciousness by plugging herself into the vastness of the internet. Now that her presence has another infinite platform, a more gruesome and bloodier sequel is not out of the question.

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