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    “Movie Business Is Over”: Jerry Seinfeld Talks About Movies Not Being ‘Pinnacle In The Cultural Hierarchy’ Now

    Known for his stand-up comedy Jerry Seinfeld finally made his directorial debut with ‘Unfrosted‘. The movie is a fictional story based on the creation of the famous Pop-Tarts pastry and is set to release in May as a Netflix original.

    Seinfeld is also known for his outspoken nature and he did not disappoint when speaking about his first experience with filmmaking. Despite being very new to it, he claimed that the people in the business are too uptight, recalling the glorious days of Hollywood as he witnessed in his prime days.

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    Jerry Seinfeld Claims Disorientation Has Replaced The Movie Business 

    Jerry Seinfeld
    Jerry Seinfeld

    Jerry Seinfeld opened up about his experience with making a movie for the first time in an interview with GQ. He claimed that while back in the day movies had a chokehold on their audience it’s not the same anymore. “Film doesn’t occupy the pinnacle in the social, cultural hierarchy that it did for most of our lives. When a movie came out, if it was good, we all went to see it. We all discussed it. We quoted lines and scenes we liked. Now we’re walking through a fire hose of water, just trying to see,” he said.

    He further explained that people in the movie business have no idea about what they are doing. According to him ‘disorientation’ is the root of failure. “Disorientation replaced the movie business. Everyone I know in show business, every day, is going, ‘What’s going on?” he said.

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    Jerry Seinfeld Believes Stand Up Comedy Is Replacing Films

    Jerry Seinfeld
    Jerry Seinfeld

    Seinfeld’s perspective on standup being more in than movies is not wrong. Audiences are craving the raw authenticity and immediate connection that stand-up comedy offers. So, it makes a formidable contender to the once-dominant movie industry. 

    According to Jerry, “audiences are now flocking to stand-up because it’s something you can’t fake.” As Seinfeld blazes a trail with his latest venture, it’s clear that laughter, in its most unfiltered form, is becoming the new blockbuster and the dominance of the movie industry might be over.

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