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    New Writer Set To Revamp Sherlock Holmes’s Saga With Approval From Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Family

    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s creation, Sherlock Holmes has long been the inspiration for many films and TV shows. The several stories of the detective and his loyal mate John Watson have been fascinating enough to be woven into many on-screen productions over the years.

    The legacy of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s work has been celebrated well enough so far, but its capable descendants have now decided to carry it forward with an interesting twist. Reports suggest that writer Gareth Rubin is now taking over Doyle’s job and is set to unveil a new Holmes story with the spotlight on some new characters from the author’s universe.

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    Here’s What Fans Can Expect From Gareth Rubin’s Version Of Sherlock’s Story

    Sherlock and Moriarty
    Sherlock and Moriarty

    While it’s true that no great artist can ever be replaced, Gareth Rubin’s talent to bring Sherlock Holmes’ story in a whole new avatar has been approved by Conan Doyle’s family. Fans would be fascinated to know that Rubin’s story would add a twist to the story that will essentially bring some significant focus on the detective’s infamous adversary, Professor James Moriarty.

    The writer is set to release his forthcoming novel titled ‘Holmes and Moriarty‘, where he will skillfully intertwine the talents of Holmes and Moriarty, the arch-enemies who challenge each other intellectually. The tale is sure to present a fresh narrative focused on two of the most intriguing characters of Doyle’s world.

    Other than Holmes and Moriarty, Conan Doyle’s oeuvre also includes some compelling female characters. One of the most intriguing ones among them is Irene Adler, also popularly known as “the woman”. Her character has once managed to captivate audiences in BBC’s ‘Sherlockon the screen, while she remains an interesting character for the readers. Reports suggest that Rubin plans on delving deeper into her story in his version of the tale.

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    Arthur Conan Doyle’s Family Has Great Trust In Gareth Rubin’s Potential As A Writer

    Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes
    Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes

    Richard Pooley, Conan Doyle’s step-great-grandson and also the custodian of his literary estate, has shown great confidence in for Rubin’s work and his potential to carry forward Doyle’s legacy.

    One of our aims is to get the world to know more about other Conan Doyle characters. And not just Moriarty, but those in other Holmes mysteries, like Colonel Sebastian Moran, or in other adventure series, like the Professor Challenger stories,” Pooley was quoted as saying by The Guardian.

    Gareth has drawn these characters very well, including Colonel Moran, who is key to this story,” Pooley added. “Moran was once described by Holmes as ‘the second most dangerous man in London’, and he tells half of this new mystery. As Moriarty’s right-hand man, he only crops up in a couple of original Holmes stories, I believe.”

    The partnership between Rubin and Conan Doyle’s estate comes after some successful ventures like Anthony Horowitz’s authorized Holmes titles. Considering the success of such collaborations in the past, it is likely that Moran and other characters will be done full justice in Rubin’s version of the story, especially when Doyle’s family has such confidence in the new writer.

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