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    ‘The Night House’ Director David Bruckner Will Helm The Remake Of The Cult Classic ‘The Blob’

    The horror genre has grown exponentially with the advent of many subgenres. It has moved beyond the concept of a jump scare and delved into the depths of human emotions to portray fear. Directors like David Bruckner have always tried to push the envelope by exploring the psycho-thriller subjects in the genre. Now, he will be helming the cult classic film ‘The Blob’.

    The B-rated horror films have become an integral part of the genre, with the 1950s ‘The Blob’ setting a great precedent and becoming an instant classic. The film was remade in 1988 and starred Kevin Dillon and Shawnee Smith. Though the film failed at the box office, it became an instant classic. Now, Bruckner is reviving the cult classic with Warner Bros.

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    David Bruckner Joins Hands With Warner Bros. For Remake Of ‘The Blob’

    'The Blob'
    ‘The Blob’

    After the 2022 reboot of the 1987 horror film ‘Hellraiser’, David Bruckner has joined hands with Warner Bros. for the remake of the 1988 hit ‘The Blob’. The film explored a gigantic jelly blob that is destroying a small town by consuming everything that comes in its way.

    Now, David Bruckner is remaking the film. As per The Wrap, the makers have kept the “plot details about the reimagining are being kept under the wraps.” But it would not make major changes to the script, keeping the ever-growing amoeba-like creature. Kevith Levine and the ‘Blade’ producer David Goyer, with Judith Harris being the executive producer.

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    The Director Talked About Bringing Novelty To Existing IPs

    'Hellraiser' reboot
    ‘Hellraiser’ reboot

    During an interview with the, David Bruckner talked about how it has become important to bring newness to the existing IPs. He said, “We are all, our tensions are spread very, very thin.”

    He continued, “The Internet is eating our entertainment world in so many different ways, so having a vision of something that’s come before us, a piece of IP that people recognize is more and more becoming the norm for movies. It’s always been the case. It’s just getting harder and harder and harder to get original content made.”

    Talking about future projects, Bruckner continued, “I hope, there will be other conversations of existing properties, so we’ll see. But also for me, I have to be able to share a vision with the fans and with the studio, whoever’s presenting it for how this can succeed, and it has to be personal to me on some level.”

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