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    The Story Of Resilience Behind The Six-Minute Conducting Scene In Bradley Cooper-Starrer ‘Maestro’

    After the stellar performance of Cate Blanchett in 2022’s ‘Tár’, Bradley Cooper is bringing us another maestro story with ‘Maestro’. In the film, Bradley plays Leonard Bernstein, and Carey Mulligan plays Felicia Montealegre, his wife. The film explores the turbulent marriage between Leonard and Felicia and alludes to the homosexuality of the late maestro.

    ‘Maestro’ was first premiered at the Venice Film Festival, where it received a seven-minute standing ovation in September 2023. The film has already been embroiled in controversy due to Cooper’s prosthetic nose to play Leonardo Bernstein. However, what everyone has been talking about is the six-minute conducting scene, which came about after a lot of hardship.

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    Bradley Cooper Admits Messing Up The Six-Minute Scene On First Day In ‘Maestro’

    Emma Stone and Bradley Cooper for Variety's 'Actors on Actors'
    Emma Stone and Bradley Cooper for Variety’s ‘Actors on Actors’

    Emma Stone and Bradley Cooper sat across from each other to discuss their respective films ‘Poor Things’ and ‘Maestro’ on ‘Actors on Actors’ by Variety. During the conversation, Emma Stone told Bradley how she had chills during the six-minute conducting scene. She said, “It felt like I was watching a true conductor, a master at work.”

    Bradley Cooper, who plays Leonard Bernstein, admitted that he messed up the first day. He said, “The minute I was behind tempo, it was over. So I woke up in the morning, walked into that church, and it was empty — we’re not supposed to shoot there that day.”

    Bradley Cooper continued, “I was like, I got to give it one more shot. I brought everybody back in, and I actually said a prayer to Lenny in front of everybody, like, “Thank you for this opportunity. We’re going to do it again.” That’s what’s in the movie. It was one take.”

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    The Actor Ended Up At His Daughter’s Graduation In Leonard Bernstein’s Get Up

    Bradley Cooper as Leonard Bernstein in 'Maestro'
    Bradley Cooper as Leonard Bernstein in ‘Maestro’

    If Bradley Cooper is committed to a character, he stays committed to it through the entire process of the film. Remember how he and Lady Gaga looked so much in love during the whole press tour of ‘A Star is Born’? With ‘Maestro’, nothing has changed for Bradley Cooper. During an interview with Deadline, he revealed that he went to his six-year-old daughter’s graduation as Leonard Bernstein.

    Bradley Cooper co-parents a daughter, Lea De Seine, with Irina Shayk. During the interview, he said, “But we were still shooting. So, I attended her graduation in full make-up as Lenny. So much so that some of the mothers must have thought: ‘Who is that guy?’ Seriously. I was Lenny. Full Lenny. It was crazy.”

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