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What are the Sinister Six in Spiderman? Who was the sixth one?

Spiderman has many enemies throughout his long crime-fighting career but there is one that always seems to be lurking around near him. They are typically always after Spiderman for money or something else he holds dear but this time it’s different.

Spiderman’s sinister six are the villains that Peter Parker usually battles in his adventures. This includes Doctor Octopus, The Lizard, Electro, Sandman, Mysterio and Hunter.

The spider signal in Spiderman is used to warn people about these enemies when they are searching for him. If he is not available then they use it to warn others that the notorious “sinister six” might be nearby.

1. Doctor Octopus (“Octavius”)

Doctor octopus is one of the original Sinister Six.

Doctor Octopus has four metal arms, can control them with his mind. He has a high intellect and is also a skilled scientist. He was locked up in a military prison but escaped at some point. He allied with the other five villains, even after he had killed Captain Stacy. 

Though a good person, he has turned evil and has allied himself with the other villains to take over New York City. The mastermind behind all this is none other than The Mastermind who controls his mind using the sonic power weapon that he uses to create illusions of them together terrorizing New Yorkers.

2. Electro (Dillon)

Electro as one of the original Sinister Six.

Spiderman’s nemesis Electro is an Oscorp employee who was fired from the company. Angry at being humiliated by his boss and living in seclusion for years, he somehow became electrically charged and used this power not only to get revenge. Electro can control electricity, create electrical fields and magnetise objects using that power. 

He is also able to hypnotise people by touching them, making them see whatever he wants them to see. He can also release electricity from his body as shown in The Amazing Spider-Man Volume 1 issue #15 when he creates an electrical charge. 

3. Kraven the Hunter (“Sergei”)

Kraven the Hunter is a fictional villain in the Marvel Universe. He only made one appearance in the Spiderman series but is significant due to his assignment by Doctor Octopus to hunt down Spiderman. Kraven’s powers, like the man himself, are decidedly over-the-top, but in this case, that’s exactly what is required. As Spiderman is a generally sympathetic character with a common human origin, Kraven’s realistic and logical motivations by comparison make him an appropriate foil for our hero. 

Kraven is an uber-intelligent and cunning hunter, trained from birth to track his prey and eliminate any obstacles preventing him from achieving success. His physical strength is no match for Spiderman or other characters of comparable strength, but his wily intellect and honed skills are a force to be reckoned with.

4. Lizard (Duplicate)

Lizard as one of the original Sinister Six.

The Lizard is the villain that gains all of Doctor Octopus’s intellect and has a reptilian appearance and can camouflage themselves into any environment or disguise themselves as humans, by altering their appearance to make it look like they are human. They also have four arms and a humanoid appearance. 

He has not allied himself with the rest of the villains though he has been seen with them before. He is in fact Magneto’s apprentice and controls his magnetic powers. In comic book lore, the “sinister six” is a group of supervillains in Spiderman comics. The spider-slayers were defeated and imprisoned by Spiderman. In issue #400 of the Spiderman Superior series, it was revealed that one of them is actually a lizard duplicate that came from S.H.I.E.L.D.

5. Mysterio (Beck)

Mysterio as one of the original Sinister Six.

Mysterio is a villain that uses special effects, holograms and complex illusions to deal with threats. He also has hypnotic control over people using special rings he possesses. He was never really an ally of the rest of the six but has been shown with them before. He’s also got an interesting backstory. In the comics, Mysterio inherits his father’s mask. By doing so he tries to take revenge on the owner of the company that used it, but instead, he becomes obsessed with creating special effects in movies. 

Mysterio also had a younger brother who moved to Hollywood and became a movie stuntman while he stayed behind in New York and became a criminal. In the comics, this rivalry between them turned into an epic battle with Spiderman swooping in at the end to save his pal. Mysterio’s mask is one of the most complex designs ever for a comic book villain.

6. Sandman

Sandman as one of the original Sinister Six.

Sandman is a villain that, since the beginning of Spiderman, was created to fight Spiderman. He has sand-like skin and his weakness is that he can’t hold his breath. The mastermind behind all this is none other than The Mastermind who controls his mind using the sonic power weapon that he uses to create illusions of him together terrorizing New Yorkers. He is a criminal who intimidates and robs people on the street with a gas gun. It is a natural disaster that descended upon the city and left it a dangerous, wrecked wasteland.

The Sixth Sinister : 

The sixth sinister is a well-known Spiderman villain that is present in the film franchise. Although he does not appear in many films, his identity makes up an important part of the Spiderman mythos. The sixth sinister is called Dr Octavius after he was found in a laboratory accident and became an experiment for Peter Parker.

In most depictions of this character, he becomes evil and uses advanced machinery to gain superpowers as well as create more weapons for himself to use against Spider-Man. As a result of these events, Doctor Octavius had lost some of his humanity and developed a hatred toward him so intense that it surmounted even the hatred towards Spider-Man. To make matters worse, everyone referred to him simply as “Octopus”.

Conclusion : 

Spiderman is one of the most popular superheroes of all time, with countless incarnations of the character across TV, movies, comics and more. There are a lot of characters that come with that territory too. One subset that’s become very prominent is Spiderman’s “Sinister Six” – six villains who band together to take down our hero. But which character was the sixth one?

To conclude it all, a true spider fanatic would know it was Doctor Octopus! The sixth member of the original Six Sinister Spiders. He joined after completing his transformation into Doc Ock in Amazing Spider-Man #3 (1964).