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    What Is The Meaning Of Green Eyes In Transformers?

    Transformers‘ is one of the most successful science fiction action franchises in the world. The movies are based on two warring factions amongst the robots and how humans get caught up in it. The movies are based on the toys Autobots and Decepticons made by the toy company Hasbro. The first ‘Transformers‘ movie was released in 2007 and became the fifth highest-grossing film of the year.

    The movie has an ensemble cast featuring actors such as Shia LeBeouf, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, John Turturro, Rachael Taylor, and many more. The series also has a lot of voice actors like Peter Cullen, Hugo Weaving, Mark Ryan, Robert Foxworth, Charlie Adler, and many more. Paramount Pictures produced the movies and the first five movies were directed by Michael Bay. Bay returned to executive produce the rest of the movies. The franchise has grossed more than $4.5 billion at the box office.

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    What Different Eye Colors Mean In Transformers

    Autobots Vs Decepticons
    Autobots Vs Decepticons

    The transformers have multiple eye colors such as red, blue, green, and even purple. Though the eye colors are not specific to any faction, a certain color is seen more in one faction than the other. The most common eye colors in Transformers are red and blue. There is no real explanation for the colors and their meaning or their relevance to the characters but there have been many fan theories surrounding it.

    It has been observed that the majority of the Decepticons have red eye color. It is theorized that the eye color resembles the aggression and antagonistic nature of the robots. The red color reflects the anger and rage of the Decepticons. Whereas, the Autobots mostly have blue eye color. This in turn shows that the Autobots are cool, collected, and patient. They are much less aggressive and gentle and impassive.

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    Significance Of Green Eyes

    Lockdown, a Transformer
    Lockdown, a Transformer

    Green, just like purple is a very rare eye color in the Transformers universe. The only robots who possess green eye color are Lockdown and Devastator. The fans believe that green eyes mean that the Transformer is neither Autobot nor Decepticon. Although that is true in the case of Lockdown, it does not stand true for Devastator. Devastator is a Decepticon and his green eyes are considered just an exception.

    Lockdown’s green eyes have a lot more significance. It shows that Lockdown is neither an Autobot nor a Decepticon. It resembles the character’s neutrality. He is a powerful transformer and even Decepticons are afraid of him and his power. Lockdown is a bounty hunter and doesn’t care about his actions or their resulting consequences. He has shown his distaste for both the Autobots as well as the Decepticons.

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