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    Why Black Community Is Calling For A Boycott Of ‘The Woman King’?

    There has been much mayhem on the internet as the epic historical dramaThe Woman King has hit the theatres today. The movie focuses on the ancient Western African Kingdom of Dahomey and its legendary all-women regiment, the Agodjie. Black female power and Dahomey’s involvement in the slave trade can be seen portrayed in the movie.

    Directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood and written by Marie Bello and Dana Stevens, ‘The Woman King‘ stars Viola Davis, Shiela Atim, Thuso Mbedu, and Lashana Lynch. The movie, cast, and writers have been facing backlash on the very first running of the movies in the cinemas. Here are the reasons why the movie has caused much bedlam among people.

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    Why Is The Woman King Receiving Backlash?

    The Woman King
    The Woman King

    The major issue faced by the movie is the fact that the history of the Dahomey tribe, who sold other Africans into slavery, has been whitewashed. Obviously, there are two opposing streams of opinion arising about the portrayals in the movie. Some see the movie as a glorification of slavery and of how the blame for the slave trade is pinned upon the black people.

    While others see the hashtag #boycottwomanking as sexist and racist. They point out that the movie is more condemning the slave trade while stressing how it affected black women. The film itself is seen to take an anti-slavery stance, where Viola’s character speaks up about separating her kingdom from the slave trade as all black people are also her people.

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    Twitter Reacts To #BoycottWomanKing

    The Woman King
    The Woman King

    The division in the reactions can be seen in the tweets flying around. One tweet went on to say that the movie had true depictions of the history of the slave trade and it was just a matter that you don’t repeat it again. While other tweets supported the movie saying that there was something to learn from it.

    The rewritings of African history through the lens of white men are an argument that has been debated since the time of postcolonial literature. And here again, the argument comes up.

    A tweet compared the movie to an experience where Jews were asked to watch a feel-good movie on Nazis.

    The backlash also extended to the writers and producers who tried to glorify the slave trade. While some targeted Viola Davis who was asked for her to act in a movie that sold her ancestors to the slave trade.

    Many like the action film, mainly for the actress Viola Davis and the moving last hour!

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