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    Why Tom Hanks Asked For The Role Of Geppetto In ‘Pinocchio’

    Tom Hanks is starring in the animation movie ‘Pinocchio‘. The 2022 Disney film is based on the 1940 animated film made by Walt Disney, of the same name. It is the adapted version of Carlo Collodi’s 1883 Italian book ‘The Adventures of Pinocchio‘. The movie premiered on Disney+Day on September 8. The second trailer had been out by late August.

    The live-action adaptation stars actor Tom Hanks as puppeteer Geppetto and Cynthia Erivo will be the Blue Fairy. The role played by Hanks is much awaited by ‘Pinocchio fans. Through the trailers, one can see that the ‘Forrest Gump‘ actor has been radically transformed through prosthetics. Here’s the reason why Hanks wanted to portray Geppeto in the movie.

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    Why Did Tom Hanks Want To Play Geppetto?


    Geppetto is the master toymaker and a widower who is longing for a son. He designs Pinocchio and wishes that he becomes alive. In the trailer, it can be seen how Hank wishes for his dreams to come true. Thus Pinnochio comes to life. Though Geppetto is very protective of the wooden boy, Pinocchio leaves Geppetto to explore the world.

    Hanks had always wanted to play the wood carver. There were early negotiations made according to sources. The Oscar-winning actor had approached the director, Robert Zemericks so as to confirm that he would be doing the role. The decisions had been already made even when it was to be directed by Paul King. And now with the long relationship between Hanks and Zemerick, matters became more concrete. Thus Disney welcomed the actor for the role of Geppetto.

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    Reviews Are Out!

    Tom Hanks in Pinocchio

    Pinocchio has already hit the screens. And the reviews are out. There seem to be mixed reactions to the premiere of the movie. The edging visuals and the music has gone to bring magic to the movie. But the sense of wonder is missing in the movie, according to reviewers. Some also noticed that the improvisations made have not helped it develop meaningfully from the 1940 animations. Moreover, many changes were made to the script, to update it to the 21st century, but many of these have terribly failed.

    Though there were attempts to create a female counterpart for Pinocchio, it ended with loose ends. However, it’s a Disney movie with Hanks in it. And would be perfect to relax on a Sunday afternoon!

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