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    Anitta Wins Over Fans During Coachella As She Becomes First Ever Brazilian Solo Artist To perform At The Festival

    From Rio de Janeiro’s outskirts to the Coachella stage! Anitta, a Brazilian singer, made her Coachella debut on Friday, becoming the country’s first solo artist to do so. The singer took to Instagram after the show on Saturday to express her gratitude to the world for coming to Brazil. She went on to say that this is her country. She thanked her audience for their support as well. The singer kicked off her show by arriving on stage on a motorcycle with her first special guest, Snoop Dogg. Since the release of their song “Onda Diferente” in 2019, the two have been close friends and performed their hit together to start the show.

    Anitta Displayed Her Brazilian Culture Throughout Her Presence On The Stage!

    The Brazilian Singer with Snoop Dogg
    The Brazilian Singer with Snoop Dogg

    The singer expressed her love for Snoop Dogg and expressed her admiration and gratitude for him. Her caption continued to emphasize that no words could ever express her eternal gratitude. Anitta exuded Brazilian energy and culture from her background to her numerous outfit changes. She wore a green, yellow, and blue two-piece set with yellow boots and sunglasses for her first look (all colors of the Brazilian flag). The stage’s backdrop was designed to look like the facades of houses in Brazilian slums known as “favelas.” According to the “Envolver” singer’s post, Joe Rohde and Kley Tarcitano from her team were the ones who made her “Favela on stage possible.” The set was designed to make the audience feel like they were in a favela, from the loose wires to the clothing lines.

    The Brazilian Singer’s Performance With Saweetie

    The Brazilian Singer with Saweetie
    The Brazilian Singer with Saweetie

    Later in the show, the singer performed her 2022 hit “Faking Love” with a brief cameo from Saweetie. Saweetie is so special, amazing, flawless, everything, she said in her post, thanking the rapper for the guest appearance. Saweetie came to sing with her the other day, and the Brazilian singer is overjoyed. Anitta’s dancers continued to dance in sync to “Rhythm of the Night” as she changed into her second look (a colorful zebra-print jumpsuit). Videos of the dancers chanting “Fora Bolsonaro” (Out Bolsonaro) have been shared on social media, a cause that the “Boys Don’t Cry” singer has been vocal about in the past. After her return, Anitta performed “Envolver,” her global hit, solo at first, then with a dancer for some steamy choreography.

    The Brazilian Singer’s Performance With Diplo!

    Diplo, whom she describes as her “family forever,” joined the singer at the end of her set. Also, Anitta’s Coachella performance comes just days after her new album “Versions of Me” was released. The album features more collaborations with artists like Khalid, Myke Towers, Ty Dolla $ign, and the late Brazilian DJ Mr. Catra, and includes “Faking Love” with Saweetie.

    Another Brazilian artist, Pabllo Vittar, will perform on Saturday. Vittar will be the first drag queen to perform their own music on stage, making her the second-ever Brazilian solo artist to perform at the festival.

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