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    Ariana Grande’s New Album ‘Eternal Sunshine’: What Does It Mean?

    Pop queen Ariana Grande has finally returned with her seventh studio album- and fans are absolutely excited. The ‘positions‘ singer was on a long hiatus and kept teasing new music and the lead single from her album- ‘yes, and?’ finally dropped today.

    After launching the first song and the first music video, the name of her album is finally out and fans have been dissecting it’s meaning and where it’s inspired from. Oh, and it has a Mac Miller connection too.

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    What Is Ariana Grande’s New Album Inspired By?

    Ariana Grande
    Ariana Grande

    Ariana revealed that the album will be called ‘Eternal Sunshine’– an ode to the 2004 film starring Jim Carey and Kate Winslet.

    Grande commented under a post that speculated the album’s title, which seemed to confirm the film’s inspiration behind the album’s name.

    She also dropped an Easter egg in the teaser of her music video that had some coordinates written on a piece of red paper, which, if googled was found to be the coordinates of Montauk, New York. Montauk is a key location in the film and is where the film’s most important scene is shot.

    The album also seems to have a connection with Mac Miller. In a 2013 interview with Complex, Miller talked about the film and said, “I love Jim Carrey when he’s being serious. He killed this role. Whenever I’m talking to a girl, I always tell them to watch Eternal Sunshine. It cuts deep.” 

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    What Is Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind About?

    Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
    Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

    The film is based on the love story between a couple who are complete opposites of each other. Jim Carey plays Joel Barish, a lonely reserved introvert who meets Clementine Kruczynski (Kate Winslet) on a train before seeing her twice in two different places. They then go on to start a romance and become inseparable. The only catch remains that they are so different from one another that it often led to conflict.

    On one such occasion, Clementine leaves him after dumping him. Days later, when he goes to meet her, it turns out that she doesn’t even remember him. He is then introduced to Lacuna Institute, a medical institute that specializes in removing people’s memories from the brains of people who no longer wish to remember them. It turns out that Clementine underwent this surgery and in rage and sadness, Joel signs up for it too.

    The rest of the film is mostly all the memories that Joel has in his head of Clementine. Each memory is shown as a scene before it’s wiped out. In the course of a night, Joel’s memories of his romance with Clementine are wiped off and he’s ready to start a new life (almost).

    The climax of the movie shows that despite removing each other from their memories, they reconcile and start over again, finding each other despite their memories being removed.

    The film won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay while Winslet got nominated for her role as Best Actress In A Leading Role.

    Ariana Grande’s selection of the film surely has a story that she might reveal through her music. The album is expected to be released by March 2024.

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