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    “If Only You Guys Could Have Dinner Or Something”: Camila Cabello Makes A Veiled Comment On Drake-Kendrick Lamar Beef

    The fiery rap battle between Drake and Kendrick Lamar has been a scorching topic for months. Now, singer Camila Cabello has thrown a surprise twist into the mix, offering unexpected support for Drake in a recent interview with The Times, where she discussed the release of her latest studio album, C, XOXO.

    The album features two songs with Drake, including Tracks ‘Hot Uptown’ and ‘Uuugly’. Naturally her collaborator Drake’s ongoing beef with Lamar came up during the interview, and the ‘Havana’ singer did not shy away from supporting him. Her comments are sure to spark further conversation about the ongoing feud. Here’s what she said.

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    Camila Cabello Defends Drake Amid His Feud With Kendrick Lamar

    Camilla Cabello and Drake
    Camila Cabello and Drake

    Speaking during the interview, Camila Cabello was all praises for Drake. “He is such a delight,” she said of the ‘Hotline Bling‘ rapper, before addressing the backlash he is receiving because of his infamous beef with Kendrick Lamar.

    It’s so frustrating to see people talk about someone you know in a way that is negative,” Cabello said without mentioning any names. “You’re like, ‘Dang, if only you guys could just have dinner or something,’” she said with a touch of humor.  

    Their appreciation for each other was mutual. For the first time, Drake also shared a picture of him and Camila on his Instagram further showcasing their friendship or an upcoming collaboration.  

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    What’s The Kendrick Lamar And Drake Feud About?

    Kendrick Lamar and Drake
    Kendrick Lamar and Drake

    The Drake-Kendrick Lamar feud is more than just a clash of egos. It’s a battle for hip-hop supremacy, with each artist vying for the title of ‘king.’ However, their beef also went on a dark path with the two throwing nasty accusations at each other. 

    The roots of the feud can be traced back to 2011 when Kendrick appeared on Drake‘s song ‘Buried Alive Interlude.’ This early collaboration hinted at a mutual respect between the two. However, things began to shift in 2013 with Kendrick’s explosive verse on Big Sean’s track Control. Drake never explicitly responded to it, but the seeds of discord were sown.

    Over the next few years, the tension simmered. Kendrick continued to drop subtle hints in his lyrics, while Drake maintained a public facade of indifference until recently, when the feud took an uglier turn and Drake fired his shots too, dividing the rap fans.

    Whether Cabello’s comments will have any impact on the feud remains to be seen.

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