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    “Imma Pay Out Of My Pocket”: Drake Promises Fan He’ll Pay Off Their Late Mother’s House Mortgage

    Most celebrities perhaps love their fans as much as their fans love them — but its quite rare for them to go out of their way to prove that love. Drake is one such celebrity whose love for his fans is never under the wraps. The rapper and singer has once again proved that his fans would never be short of love and support, as he offered financial help to one of his grieving fans.

    During his recent concert, Drake went an extra mile to pause his performance for a fan who is in need. The singer made a life-changing promise to the fan, while he was interacting with the crowd at his concert.

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    “Rest In Peace. I Love You”: Drake Melts Hearts With A Generous Offer To A Fan In Need

    Drake (Image: Getty)
    Drake (Credit: Getty)

    Drake was performing at the T-Mobile Center in Kansas City, Missouri, when he acted on his empathy for one of the fans in the crowd. The Grammy-winning artist paused his performance to interact with the crowd in the first row of the concert.  After receiving a note from someone in the front row, made a pledge to pay off the mortgage of the fan’s late mother.

    In a video shared on social media, Drake opened the note to find out that the fan wanted him to “[pay] off my mom’s house, rest in peace.” Learning that the fan’s mother had passed away, Drake addressed the audience, saying, “This is the outstanding balance right here. This is a lot of money right here. But you know what, Imma pay off your momma’s house for you,” as the crowd erupted in cheers.

    Although the fan had requested a donation of “160 bands“, which is equivalent to $160,000, Drake insisted on covering the entire amount himself. “Imma pay out of my pocket. That’s gonna come from me. Rest in peace to your momma,” he declared. Drake then flipped the note around, revealing the woman’s name: “Hold on, wait. Rest in peace to Jennifer Schumer. Rest in peace. I love you.”

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    Drake Has A Huge Heart And He Has Proved It Time And Again

    Drake (Credit: Getty)
    Drake (Credit: Getty)

    The generous promise is not the first time that the singer has shown kindness for his fans. The gesture follows Drake’s recent commitment to give $25,000 to a fan in Buffalo who shared her cancer journey on a sign during one of his concerts. Earlier in the month, he pledged $100,000 to another fan who held a sign celebrating their victory over cancer.

    Beyond his charitable acts on tour, Drake has been providing fans with glimpses into his personal life. He recently shared a heartwarming moment with his mother, Sandi Graham, during one of his shows with J. Cole.

    Drake posted an image of his mother in the crowd, smiling for the camera, along with a message she wrote on her phone: “I always cry when I come to his concerts…I’m so proud of him.” Drake captioned the post, “Posting this as a forever core memory.”

    Drake and J. Cole’s tour began on February 2 in Tampa, Florida, and is scheduled to conclude in April in Denver.

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