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    Justin Timberlake’s Cryptic Teasers Spark Speculation of Sixth Album

    Pop sensation Justin Timberlake is known for more than just his catchy tunes and smooth moves. The actor and singer is causing a stir on social media with a series of mysterious posts, leaving fans buzzing about the possibility of his long-awaited sixth album.

    After wiping his Instagram clean earlier this month the ‘Cry Me a River’ singer came back with a series of cryptic posts. In a dazzling TikTok debut, Timberlake gave fans a sneak peek into what could be the backdrop of his next big project. He also teased the fans asking for confirmation in the comments.

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    Is Justin Timberlake Making A Comeback?

    Screenshot of Justin Timberlake (Image: Getty)
    Screenshot of Justin Timberlake (Image: Getty)

    Justin Timberlake escalated the anticipation of JT6 on Instagram, breaking his silence with a slideshow featuring the cryptic caption “EITIW.” The picture of a missing poster upside down asking “Have you seen this man?” triggered a frenzy of fan theories and creative interpretations.

    JT Fans immediately went into the decoding mode, suggesting playful and very creative meanings for “EITIW“. Fans theorize it could be the title of the sixth album, ‘Everytime I Twerk I Win‘ or ‘Energized Igloo Trampolining Is Weird’. Among all the funny ones there was one that gained traction as dedicated Redditors uncovered a trademark application for the phrase from last year: ‘Everything I Thought I Was‘.

    According to Billboard, internet sleuths stumbled upon not only the potential album title but also the intriguing phrase “Everything I Thought It Was…A Sonic Film.” This discovery has sparked speculation about Timberlake’s potential visual counterpart to the new album.

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    JT Teases His Sixth Album On TikTok

    Justin Timberlake For 'Man In The Woods'
    Justin Timberlake For ‘Man of The Woods’

    If the rumors hold, this would mark Timberlake’s return to the music scene, following his 2018 release, ‘Man of the Woods’. The 2018 album soared to the top of the Billboard 200 and earned him a Grammy nomination

    The singer made his TikTok debut with another cryptic video from what could be the set for his new music video. Set in a cathedral-esque building, the video ignited speculation. 

    Responding to a fan’s inquiry about new music, Timberlake playfully counted on his fingers, stopping at six, leaving fans in suspense with a cheeky eyebrow raise and a silent exit.

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