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    Kanye West Is Featured In A Disgraceful List By Rolling Stone

    Kanye West has descended into a pit of self-destruction resulting in consequences that had a domino effect on the country level. He has hammered his brand, his image, and his hard-earned financial status. From being noted as a phenomenal artist to being tagged as anti-Semitic, there has been a degradation in his life graph. West created a ruckus with his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian. Then, he went on a hate spree making racially and religiously charged commentary.

    It all started when Ye introduced Yeezy T-shirts with ‘White Lives Matter’ printed on them. It stirred heavy criticism and controversy in the African American community. Later, he boarded the hate train to criticize the Jews and even ordered going “def con 3” on them. He continued the hate against the community until the entire industry ousted him. Adidas and Balenciaga, two of the biggest collaborators, pulled the plugs on deals with him. Local colleges and universities took back the honors they gave him. Now, his image as an artist is also tainted after Rolling Stone released a list.

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    Kanye West after the launch of 'Ye' in Wyoming in 2018
    Kanye West after the launch of ‘Ye’ in Wyoming in 2018

    It is unbelievable to see the downfall of one of the greatest hip-hop producers! Kanye West has given some of the most memorable albums because they were sonically superior. The production value and the artist’s features were some of the most experimental and successful attempts.

    However, the downfall started as quickly as strenuously Kanye ascended the much-deserved throne. Now, the music magazine Rolling Stone has acknowledged this downfall with their new list of ’50 Genuinely Horrible Albums By Brilliant Artists’.

    They ranked West’s 2018 album ‘Ye’ in the top position. The reason they chose the album for the list is that “it marks the beginning of the most disastrous artistic and personal collapse in the history of popular music”. It continued, “Clocking in at a mere 23 minutes, the chaotic, half-baked album was cut in Wyoming right around the time he told TMZ that slavery was a “choice” and started wearing a MAGA hat in public”.

    The music giant concluded their explanation writing, “The Kanye scandals of 2018 seem almost quaint compared to his recent issues, but he’s never made music less vital than this”.

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    The Rapper Is The Reason For 30 Anti-Semitic Incidents In America

    The rapper on Alex Jones' 'Infowars'
    The rapper on Alex Jones’ ‘Infowars’

    It was the beginning of the end for Ye when he started his hate spree against Jews community which left a huge dent in society and Kanye’s personal life. From his going “def con 3” comment to spewing hate on Alex Jones ‘Infowars’, the ‘Donda’ rapper has left no stone unturned.

    However, he faced brutal consequences for his noxious acts. He lost his billionaire status, West lost credibility as an artist and entrepreneur.

    But, his acts affected the American community widely. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) released a report displaying the consequences of the West’s anti-Semitism in society, both virtual and physical.

    It reported that there have been 30 anti-Semitic cases registered since October 2022. These incidents span from vandalism, hate speech, and bullying in educational institutions and other public spaces.

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