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    Make Way For Another Rap Battle As Cardi B Beefs Hard With BIA

    You can finally move over the Kendrick vs Drake rap feud, because rappers Cardi B and BIA seem to having a new rap beef in the industry. Bia has written a diss track for Cardi after the feud between them escalated.

    This isn’t the first time the ‘Bodak Yellow’ singer is beefing with one of her equals in the industry. She has had a beef with Nicki Minaj as well. Here’s everything you need to know about her latest feud with Bia, and the diss tracks that have ensued.

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    Cardi B vs BIA: All About The New Rap Beef

    Cadi B and Bia
    Cadi B and Bia

    There has long been controversy regarding the conflict between Cardi B and BIA. The feud stemmed from Bia’s cryptic tweets that appeared to support claims that Cardi B stole her sound for her song ‘Miami‘. Though no names were spoken specifically, it was assumed that BIA’s line on Dreezy’s ‘B*tch Duh Remix’ is directed at Cardi B.

    The ‘Whole Lotta Money‘ remix that BIA and Nicki Minaj collaborated on is also another source of conflict between the two. Cardi’s well known beef with Nicki Minaj further ignited the rift because of the collaboration.

    In 2023, BIA had addressed rumors of the feud as she said, “I’ve never met Cardi, we’ve never had a conversation. I don’t have no issues with her. It’s all love, but I don’t know her.” However, after the collaboration, both of them started sending diss tracks the other way and the feud blew up.

    Cardi B released a track called ‘Wanna Be‘ where she rapped, “Though she was on the shelf, IKEA/ Hope she talk like that when I see her/ B— please, don’t nobody wanna be ya,” which many fans have pointed out sounds like “Please, don’t nobody wanna BIA.”

    She then continues, “How you say you runnin’ down but you can’t walk on the beat.”

    As a response to this, BIA then released her own diss track as she accused Cardi of cheating on Offset and not writing her own songs.

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    BIA Responds To Cardi B With A Sharp Diss Track


    In her diss track, BIA, whose full name is Bianca Miquela Landrau, sang about Cardi allegedly not writing her own songs and also cheating on Offset. “C-A-R-D cry on IG / Catch another tude cause she couldn’t catch the beat / Am i battling you or pardi,” she sings.

    At first she previewed this song via social media, as a response to which Cardi put her on blast via Instagram live. “I’m a sue you and you got to come with receipts. And not social media receipts, court receipts. I will get every little f–kin’ red penny that you ever f–kin’ make, bitch. Every money that you make off your publishing. So find something safe to do,” Cardi said.

    In the full song she released shortly after, BIA also made claims of Cardi cheating on Offset as she rapped, “Put it on your gang that they ain’t f–k you in / Put it on your name since you so gangsta like your f–kin’ friends / Put it on your hubby since you love lyin’ on your vows / I wrote all my verses I can do this s–t for hours.”

    As of now, fans are expecting Cardi to respond with another diss track.

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