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    New Feud? Charli XCX Shades Doja Cat On Twitter Then Claims Her Account Was Hacked

    It seems troubles for Doja Cat are unending. After the recent exchange of heated comments between her and her fans, this time it’s a fellow artist who has decided to shade the popstar.

    Charli XCX posted a shady message on Twitter dedicated to the ‘Attention‘ singer and here’s how she justified her actions. Is Doja Cat going to get canceled? Is there going to be a new celebrity feud between the two stars? Read on to find out.

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    What Did Charli XCX Say About Doja Cat?

    The ‘speed drive’ artist took to Twitter to speak about Doja Cat amidst all the drama regarding her and her fans. Charli wrote a shady tweet calling Doja ‘grumpy’.

    Fans and netizens came together to attack Charli for the mean tweet. They called her out and many even defended Doja’s behavior. Soon after, Charli responded to all the shade and trolls saying her account was supposedly ‘hacked’. She proceeded to urge everyone to stream her song ‘speed drive’ which was featured in Margot Robbie-starrer ‘Barbie‘ movie.

    Well, it’s hard to say if it was actually a hack or a smack. Nevertheless, is Doja Cat in her ‘canceled era’?

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    Is The Rapper In Her ‘Canceled Era’?

    Doja Cat has always been known as one of the celebrities in Hollywood who likes to show an adventurous and unconventional side. Be it bold fashion statements or speaking out about the industry, this woman isn’t afraid of any backlash or bullying.

    Her feud with her fans started with her calling them out for calling themselves ‘Kittenz’. She said, “My fans don’t name themselves shit. if you call yourself a “kitten” or fucking “kittenz” that means you need to get off your phone and get a job and help your parents with the house.”

    This got her fans in an angry state who claimed they had done nothing but support her in her career. To this, Doja responded that ‘nobody forced them to’.

    This heated exchange has resulted in many fans dropping their tickets for Doja’s upcoming concert the ‘Scarlet Tour’. The tour had Doechii and Ice Spice as special guests. Fans are now assuming that the tour might be canceled for lack of audience and support from her fans. She has also deactivated her Threads account.

    Fans are now calling her out for her problematic behavior. The hate also comes with her siding with J Cyrus after allegations about him grooming young women has surfaced. Seems like Doja is losing all that ‘attention’ after all.

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