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    Rapper Boosie Thinks Kanye West Thought He Was Jesus’ Reincarnation

    The industry has been disappointed with the recent behavior of Kanye West. The rapper is solely responsible for the drastic turn that his career took. Not only financial downturn, but he also tainted his credibility with his recent erratic behavior. It all started when Kanye West introduced his controversial ‘White Lives Matter’ T-shirts hurting racial sentiments.

    Later, when Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs criticized Ye for his behavior. In turn, he accused him that he is in control of the Jews. Kanye said he will go “def con 3” on the Jewish community. Since then, Kanye West has been ousted by the industry due to his racially charged and religiously hurtful statements. Major collaborators like Balenciaga and Adidas cut ties with him. Despite his faith and religiosity, he did not care about other religions’ sentiments. Now, rapper Bossie has an interesting theory about his take on religion.

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    Boosie Badazz Chalked Parallels Between Kanye West And Jesus

    Boosie Badazz
    Boosie Badazz

    Kanye West has displayed his faith and religiosity in his fashion and music. In an interview with Vogue, the ‘College Dropout’ rapper talked about how Jesus changed him. He said, “I thought I had it all figured out. [God has changed] everything, my ego… God put it all together. I’ll tell you what, when I don’t apply grace, I don’t get the results I’m looking for. Everything must be done with grace. That’s one of the things I pray for—and I need to pray for more”.

    Now, the ‘BooPac’ rapper has opened up about how Ye thinks that he is the embodiment of Lord Jesus. During the ‘Get Yo Ass Up’ podcast, Boosie drew parallels on how Kanye is trying to make people believe that he is Jesus. He said, “I think Kanye thought he was Jesus, he named his name Yeezus, his clothes looked like Jesus when he got stabbed on ’em, his slippers look like Jesus sandals, I think he thought he was Jesus. I think he thought he was Jesus. He was talking about how he felt the ‘Jews was’, he’s deliberately dogging Blacks”.

    He continued, “When you see him his hair is growing on his face looking like this like damn Jesus. Scrapes on his clothes, look at his slippers… It might be true, I might be wrong! But it sure look like it to me”.

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    The Rapper Also Called Him Out For The ‘White Lives Matter’ T-shirts

    Boosie called out Ye for his 'White Lives Matter' t-shirts during 'Drink Champs' podcast
    Boosie called out Ye for his ‘White Lives Matter’ t-shirts during ‘Drink Champs’ podcast

    The Paris Fashion Week 2022 was the origin point of the debacle that Kanye West turned into! During Fashion Week, Ye along with his models strutted the ramp donning those controversial t-shirts. The political commentator Candace Owens posted a picture of Kanye wearing the t-shirt. This did not go down well for him. Many artists criticized him for his fashion statement.

    During the ‘Drink Champs’ podcast with DJ EFN and N.O.R.E., Boosie reacted to the ‘White Lives Matter’ t-shirts. He said, “Ain’t nobody getting done like Blacks getting done from 3-400 years [ago until] this day. Drink Champs. Don’t put no f***ing ‘white lives matter’ on, the f**k wrong with you? Dye your face then, n***a”.

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