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    Taylor Swift Releases First-Ever Song For Travis Kelce, Refers To Their Relationship’s “Winning Streak”

    Tayvis shippers finally have a song because Taylor Swift just sneaked in a song she has written for Travis Kelce in ‘Tortured Poets Department’ and it’s absolutely romantic.

    In the song titled ‘The Alchemy,’ Swift sings about getting with Travis and the magic that ensued, also dropping a few football lyrics and a possible reference to him winning a football match.

    The lyrics, “Shirts off and your friends lift you up over their heads/ Beer sticking to the floor, cheers chanted cause they said/ There was no chance/ Trying to be the greatest in the league/ Where’s the trophy?/ He just comes running over to me” seems to be a reference to Taylor and Travis’ viral moment on the football field when they won the Super Bowl and the couple shared a passionate kiss on the field. The line “We’ve been on a winning streak” is another reference to the Chiefs’ winning streak.

    Though it was reported before that Swift has penned down a few love songs for the Chiefs tight end, this is the first time she has talked about him in her music. Here’s hoping there are more songs to come!

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    The Men In Taylor Swift’s ‘Tortured Poets Department’

    Taylor Swift's 'The Tortured Poets Department'
    Taylor Swift’s ‘The Tortured Poets Department’

    Travis Kelce isn’t the only person featured on Swift’s new album. Joe Alwyn and Matty Healey, too, have gotten honorable mentions in the songs. Though Alwyn didn’t get as much coverage as fans were hoping for, surprisingly, most of the songs seemed to allude to Matty Healy.

    In the album, Swift discussed the end of her relationship with Joe, and how his lack of interest in marrying her made her want to leave. She also reveals that Joe was depressed and that strained their relationship in a lot of ways.

    As for Matty, things were more serious between them, it seems as if a lot of the songs have obvious references to the 1975 frontman and how attracted Swift was to him. She also reveals that she dated him right after breaking up with Joe, and a possible interpretation suggests that Matty was the one who called things off.

    Like most of her music, this too will undergo Swifties’ keen observation as more details, clues, and Easter eggs follow. As of now, you can enjoy her album on all streaming sites, as well as set the timer for the music video for ‘Fortnight featuring Post Malone.

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