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    “We’re Doing Something No One’s Done Before”: Tyla Addresses Comparisons Between Her And Rihanna

    Ever since Tyla dropped her hit song ‘Water’, the Grammy-winning debutante has been seeing Rihanna comparisons everywhere she goes. At 22, she has established herself as one of the more successful South African stars to dominate the Hollywood music charts. The Rihanna comparisons, however, aren’t something that rocks her boat.

    The singer spoke up about how she feels to be compared to the Fenty owner, and more details about how she made ‘Water’.

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    Who Is Tyla?


    The Johannesburg singer has been blowing charts and TikTok ever since she dropped her single ‘Water’. The song and her performance went viral on social media as fans started hailing her as the new Rihanna. It even has a Travis Scott remix that has a music video.

    She first debuted with the song ‘Getting Late‘ in 2019 and got her big break last year after she started blowing up on TikTok. This year she released her first self-titled album, which gained wide critical acclaim as she rose on the charts. The fourteen-track album features her breakthrough single, ‘Water.’ It also features other collaborations with fellow South African DJ/producer Kelvin Momo, Tems, Gunna and Skillibeng, and Becky G.

    This year she also won a Grammy for Best African Music Performance and then later released another hit called ‘Jump‘ which has been trending since. Despite all the success, she continues to get tied with Rihanna as many started calling her the next Rihanna. Though a compliment, it’s not what Tyla wants for herself. Here’s what she had to say about being compared to Riri.

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    Tyla Speaks Out About Being Compared To Rihanna

    Tyla and Rihanna
    Tyla and Rihanna

    Speaking to Cosmopolitan, Tyla acknowledged and addressed the Rihanna compliments she has been getting since she entered the industry. “It’s flattering because Rihanna is Rihanna. It’s a compliment,” she said, “But at the same time, I’m my own artist. I’m Tyla. And I know as people get to know me and my music, they will see me as just Tyla. So I’m fine with it now.”

    She then added, “People want to tie me to something familiar to them, cool. But at the end of the day, we’re doing something no one’s done before, and it can’t really be compared to anyone.”

    She also detailed the making process of the chartbuster ‘Water‘, talking about how she recorded it in her bathroom and never expected it to blow up. She also added that she loves that an African sound is getting universal acclaim and is glad to have brought a change like that.

    As of now, she’s enjoying the success of her debut album as it continues to stay on the charts.

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