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    What Did Travis Kelce Get Taylor Swift For Valentine’s Day?

    As America’s favorite couple is close to celebrating a year of their romance, reports have surfaced that the Kansas City Chiefs spent a hefty amount on his girlfriend Taylor Swift for their very first Valentine’s Day.

    As the singer tours in Australia away from her beau, Travis Kelce made sure she isn’t left out of any of the V-day princess treatment as he sends her expensive gifts and flowers worth $13,000. Here’s what he sent Taylor for Valentine’s Day.

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    Taylor Swift’s Valentine’s Day Gifts

    Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift (Image: Getty)
    Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift (Image: Getty)

    As Taylor Swift performed one of her biggest shows in Australia, her supportive boyfriend made sure she feels special on Valentine’s Day as he sent her an array of expensive gifts that included flowers and luxury items.

    As reported by The Sun, Kelce got her 250 eternal roses, costing around $2100, that were arranged in a “monumental round Parisian-inspired Hat Box.” Afterward, Swift was surprised with 250 more roses, this time in pink for another $2100. He also got her $3100 worth of handcrafted roses sculpted by Perigold.

    A source said, “Travis knows what she likes and is always wanting to send her lots of nice flowers.” Additionally, Kelce also gifted Swift some luxury items, such as a $5,100 Bottega Beneta handbag and a $1,100 black Dior beret.

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    Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Are Going Steady

    Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce (Image: Getty)
    Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce (Image: Getty)

    Although the relationship survived a lot of PR accusations in the beginning, it’s now clear that the two superstars are in serious love. As Swift flew down from Japan to Vegas to witness Kelce’s team creating history, the two of them celebrated on and off the field, with a couple of celebratory kisses and later, a star-studded amazing party at a Vegas nightclub where the love birds were seen dancing the night away.

    According to a report by Page Six, the duo is also planning to get hitched this summer. As per sources, “Taylor and Travis discussed it and there is a plan,” an insider claimed. “They will get engaged on their one-year anniversary in July.”

    Although Kelce has previously shut down engagement rumors, only time will tell if the reports are true. As of now, there are speculations that Travis might fly down to Australia to support his girlfriend.

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