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    Why Did Kanye West Apologize To Ex-Wife Kim Kardashian?

    The ‘Donda‘ rapper has been having a field day with stirring controversies. Kanye West has revolutionized the art of hip-hop as a producer, lyricist, and rapper. The business mogul recently came into the limelight when he pulled the plug from the Yeezy and Gap deal. But, the rapper has been making headlines consistently for his beef with ex-wife Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson.

    Kanye scathingly attacked Kim and tried to ruin her reputation. When Kim started dating Pete, Kanye did not leave a stone unturned to malign their image. Now, Ye has come out to apologize to his ex-wife.

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    “I Apologize For Any Stress Caused”: Kanye West Extends Apology To His Ex-Wife

    Kanye West
    Kanye West

    Kanye West appeared on the Good Morning America show on Thursday morning. The artist was remorseful for his behavior toward his ex-wife Kim Kardashian. He said, “This is the mother of my children, and I apologize for any stress that I have caused, even in my frustration, because God calls me to be stronger. I need this person to be less stressed and of the best, sound mind and as calm as possible to be able to raise those children at the end of the day.”

    Kanye went bitter when Kim Kardashian started dating the ‘SNL‘ alumnus, Pete Davidson. He shared many contentious screenshots of personal messages of Pete, Kim, and Ariana Grande.

    Kanye also opened up about fatherhood and how he has to “fight” to be his children’s parent. Kanye started an educational institution named Donda Academy.’ Kanye released threads of personal texts of Kim and Kris Jenner. The rapper wrote, “You don’t have say so of where the kids go to school. Why you get say say, cause you half white?”

    Kanye said in the interview, “I do have a voice but I had to fight for it. That hurts you when you have to scream about what your kids are wearing.” He continued, “Yeah. I want my kids to go to Donda Academy and I have to fight for say-so.”

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    “It Is Time For Me To Make My Own Thing”: The Rapper Addressed His Fallout With GAP

    Kanye West ends partnership with Gap
    Kanye West ends partnership with Gap

    Last week, West went ahead to terminate his 10-year-long deal with Gap. The artist said that there are parallels to what was happening at Gap, Adidas, and his family. The ‘Monster‘ artist feels it all stems from discrimination. He said, “It was all disregard for the voice of something I co-created. I co-created the children, I co-created the product at Adidas, I co-created the product at Gap. There is parallel and the parallel does touch on discrimination.”

    In 2013, on Sway’s radio show, he told the artist to go solo without any help from the brands. At the time, Ye went berserk at him and screamed, “Sway, you don’t have all the answers.”

    Now, in the interview, West did admit that Sway had the answer. Talking about the fallout, he said, “I was there for some specific agenda, not for Yeezy Gap to be everything that it could be, or this dream that I had about what the Gap could be. It’s time for me to make my own thing.”

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