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    “Wow. Classless Personified…”: Internet Slams Taylor Swift For Ignoring Celine Dion On Grammys Stage

    The 2024 Grammy Awards was a night of victory and celebration for Taylor Swift as she also announced her upcoming album as a sweet surprise for her fans. She was nominated for as many as six categories for the Grammy Awards this year. Out of the six, she clinched the prestigious one for the Album of the Year.

    The historic award was presented to her by the music icon Celine Dion. However, some viewers are now claiming that the pop sensation ignored Dion as she presented the award to Swift on the dais. Social media is abuzz with many calling Swift “rude” for not acknowledging Dion’s presence on stage.

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    Taylor Swift Accused Of Ignoring Celine Dion On Grammys Stage While Receiving An Award

    Celine Dion (Image: Getty)
    Celine Dion (Image: Getty)

    Taylor Swift made history yet again by becoming the first artist to secure Album of the Year four times. Though there’s a lot to celebrate for Swift and her fans, her behavior on stage has ignited controversy.

    As Dion announced her win on the Grammys stage on Sunday, Taylor warmly embraced collaborators Jack Antonoff and Lana Del Rey but seemingly ignored Dion. The legendary singer seemed awkward as she was left unacknowledged on stage while Taylor went ahead to deliver her acceptance speech.

    Several viewers took to social media to express their disappointment and accuse Swift of rudeness. “The way Taylor Swift just took the Grammy out of Celine Dion’s hand and didn’t even hug her or thank her … how rude,” a user stated on X.

    Taylor Swift will never EVER live down ignoring Céline Dion at the Grammys,” another one wrote. A third user said it feels personal to see what happened, stating, “Taylor Swift not acknowledging Celine Dion don’t sit right with me.”

    Taylor Swift ignoring very sick legend Celine Dion during the Grammys while accepting Album of the Year. Wow. Classless personified,” a third one quipped.

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    Celine Dion Gets A Standing Ovation For Her Surprise Appearance After Health Scare

    Celine Dion and Taylor Swift backstage (Image: Getty)
    Celine Dion and Taylor Swift backstage (Image: Getty)

    Some others pointed out that the snub is especially disrespectful given the context of Dion’s return to the stage after being diagnosed with stiff person syndrome (SPS), a rare neurological disorder. Dion’s appearance on stage to present the final award was a surprise and marked an emotional comeback. She even received a standing ovation from the audience, only to be seemingly left ignored by Swift.

    Taylor Swift not saying thank you to Celine Dion or even addressing her After the year Celine’s had not being able to perform was classless. I’m honestly shocked. Celine deserves better,” another user on X wrote with the context of Dion’s illness and comeback.

    However, some other fans spoke up in Taylor’s favor, sharing some backstage photos of the two singers clicking pictures together. The images showed the two hugging each other and sporting wide smiles, seemingly putting an end to any speculation of Taylor disrespecting Dion or having bad blood with her.

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