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    “He Finds It Intimidating That She’s So Successful”: ‘Bridgerton’ Star Luke Newton On How Colin Bridgerton Feels About Being Married To Lady Whistledown

    Before you start reading, we must warn you that this article contains some major spoilers of Bridgertonseason 3 part 2. If you have already seen the second part then you know the troubles that Penelope and Colin have been facing. Although they got married, their relationship is facing uncertainty as Colin continues to be cold towards Penelope. 

    Now, ‘Bridgerton’ actor Luke Newton opens up about Colin’s feelings towards the situation. Newton reveals the complicated feelings that Colin Bridgerton has in store.

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    Luke Newton Talks About Colin Bridgerton’s Complicated Feelings

    Luke Newton
    Luke Newton

    If you thought that Colin’s anger towards Lady Whistledown was only because of what she wrote about his family, well, you are wrong. Luke Newton feels there is much more to it than what meets the eye. He says the feelings are much more deep and complicated in a conversation with Entertainment Weekly.

    He explains, “The person that understands it the most, why Colin holds the weight of it so much, is his mother. He is one of the most sensitive of the Bridgerton siblings, and he likes to hold the weight.” Newton continues to say, “It’s almost like torturing himself by taking on the world when he doesn’t want others to suffer around him. It wasn’t really the stuff that had been said about him.”

    The 31-year-old adds, “He’s obviously affected by it and his ego’s slightly bruised. But also, it’s because she sees the truth. That’s the thing with Colin and Penn. She sees him for who he really is. So when she writes those things, it bugs him because it’s true. Ultimately, it’s the weight of everything. He feels the weight of it on his shoulders and holds that when the other siblings are less sensitive and they can let it go.”

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    Colin Bridgerton Struggles With Penelope’s Success

    Luke Newton in Bridgerton
    Luke Newton in Bridgerton

    We do have to keep in mind that it is the regency period of England so gender bias is still a big thing. And Luke Newton thinks that Colin cannot accept his wife’s success wholeheartedly. “He finds it intimidating that she’s so successful,” Newton reflects. “That’s the journey of Part 2, that he has to learn to accept that and how the power dynamic shifts between them.”

    It’s about overcoming that and accepting that, ultimately, Whistledown is part of her as well. It’s not really an alter ego where she’s pretending to be someone else, it’s a part of her that she had to keep secret,” Newton adds. But the epilogue does hint that Colin and Penelope finally get the happiness they deserve. So it seems that Colin has accepted his wife’s brilliance and soothed his ego as well. 

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