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    ‘Bridgerton’ Fan Theory Claims Queen Charlotte Will Die As Per History In Upcoming Season But Showrunner Suggests A Clever Catch

    If you haven’t watched the new episodes currently streaming on Netflix, you might want to read this later. There are some potentially big spoilers regarding BridgertonSeason 3 Part 2. If you have binged the new episodes already, then proceed without hesitation. The new episodes came out on 13 June and fans have gone crazy over the steamy second part of the series. 

    However, some have also pointed out a rather sad theory. Queen Charlotte, one of the most important characters in the series, might die in the upcoming seasons. This is because if we follow the real timeline, Queen Charlotte died in the year 1818. And currently, in the series timeline, we are very close to that year. 

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    Fans Speculate Queen Charlotte’s Death In ‘Bridgerton’ 

    Queen Charlotte
    Queen Charlotte

    Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Fetherington’s romance is sizzling in the second part of the Netflix series. However, some fans are pointing out that there might be a possibility that Queen Charlotte’s character will be killed off. One fan pointed out that in reality she died in 1818 and from the dance cards we can see that it is 1815 already. So it is just three years until her death. 

    While another fan speculated about her death from Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story’. She points out that towards the end of the series when Queen Charlotte received the news of an heir it was very close to her own death in the real timeline. According to history, the baby was born in May 1819, a few months after her death.

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    How The Queen’s Fate Can Be Avoided In Season 4

    Queen Charlotte in Bridgerton season 3
    Queen Charlotte in ‘Bridgerton’ Season 3

    While talking to Variety, showrunner Jess Brownell also talked about a potential storyline for season 4. “I don’t think we’re done with Lady Whistledown. Now Penelope is a public gossip columnist who people are going to know is the writer when she writes about them,” Brownell explained. 

    And certainly . . . she will have to contend with the queen and the queen’s demands, the queen’s desires, the queen’s scrutiny.  So how Penelope balances that is fodder for season 4,” Jess Brownell continued. He also addressed the Queen Charlotte death speculation. 

    In reality, Queen Charlotte dies at a certain point that’s not far away,” Brownell said. “But we have sort of intentionally gone away from specifying what year we are in — even though it’s probably pretty easy to work out.” He says that since ‘Bridgerton‘ is based in an alternate reality because of the Great Experiment, Queen Charlotte’s death might still be avoided. 

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