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    ‘Dynasty’ Season 6: Will The Carringtons Return For Another Season?

    Dynasty‘ is a musical comedy-drama series on Netflix airing since 2017, based on the soap opera from the 1980s with the same name. On 16 September 2022, it dropped the long awaiting season 5 with an unsatisfying closure, leaving the audience on a cliffhanger, desperately hoping for the sixth season.

    From a soap opera to a drama series, ‘Dynasty‘ went through a lot of progressive changes. This musical drama consists of the glitz and glamorous lives of billionaires, resulting in a powerful outcome. The series is laced with feminism, but also shows the misogynistic ways that run within a family. So, will there be a season 6 of the show?

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    Dynasty’ Plot And Characters

    Developed by Josh Schwartz, Stephanie Savage, and Sallie Patrick, ‘Dynasty‘ stars Elizebeth Gillis, Grant Show, Nathalie Kelley, Robert Christopher Riley, and Rafael De la Fuente. The series revolves around two of Atlanta’s richest families the Carringtons and the Colbys who are determined to take control of their family wealth. The show highlights power, money, fame, and jealousy through a glamorous lens.

    The initial seasons focus on Fallon Carrington, Blake Carrington, Anders, Jeff, and Monica Colby. As the show gained popularity the producers introduced characters like Alexis, Blakes’s ex-wife, Kirby Ander’s daughter, Fallon’s Liam Ridely, Blake and Alexi’s long-missing son Adam Carrington, Alexis’s secret daughter Amanda Carrington, Blake’s half-sister Dominique Deveraux.

    The reboot is progressive and introduced modern elements, that were previously missing from the 1980s original soap opera like the entire setup moved from Denver to Atlanta, Sammy Jo, the gold digger now a man, and collective acceptance of Steven’s homosexuality. More importantly, it gave the African American characters, Micheal Culhane and Colby family a central and progressive storyline, and lastly introduced Blake’s new wife, Cristal, and her nephew as Latin American.

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    Is ‘Dynasty’ Season 6 Happening?

    After the release of excruciating season 5, ‘Dynasty‘ fans are desperately waiting for the upcoming season, But sadly for the fans, CW has dropped the show’s season 6 due to many reasons, leaving the audience unsatisfied with the season finale. One of the major reasons behind it is the downfall of viewership. The popularity of season 1 reached its peak but season 5 could gather only 4,00,000 views. Disappointing right?

    Netflix holds global distribution rights to ‘Dynasty’, and outside the United States, it is marketed and labeled as a Netflix Original since its release. Back then, Netflix received weekly episodes of the show internationally, although it eventually went to being entire season drops after a few seasons. That has all changed recently, given the sale of the network to CW which gave the sale to Nexstar representing a shift in the show’s strategy.

    Well, for fans of ‘Dynasty‘, the show’s previous seasons are streaming on Netflix.

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