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    Is Netflix Series ‘1899’ Plagiarized?

    After the success of the German series ‘Dark,’ Netflix invited the show creators to make more content for them. This partnership led to the creation of the psychological thriller, ‘1899.’ Set on a passenger ship aboard; it dealt with the theme of predestination and dreams like ‘Dark.’

    1899‘ was hit with accusations of plagiarism soon after its premiere. Brazilian comic book artist Mariana Cagnin claimed the psychological thriller ripped off his 2016 comic book, ‘Black Silence.’ Many believe this led to the series being canceled.

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    Mariana Cagnin Accuses ‘Dark’ And ‘1899’ Creators Of Plagiarism

    Brazilian comic book artist Mariana Cagnin called out Netlfix series '1899' for being too similar to her comic book 'Black Science'
    Brazilian comic book artist Mariana Cagnin called out the Netflix series ‘1899‘ for being too similar to her comic book ‘Black Science.’

    When Netflix came out with ‘1899,’ Mariana Cagnin felt something was off about it. It soon became clear to her why the show seemed familiar. She called out the creators of ‘1899‘ for ripping off the plot of her comic book, ‘Black Silence.’ She took to her socials to express his outrage.

    Mariana Cagnin‘s comic book follows a team of astronauts summoned to recognize a planet that may be humankind’s only chance of survival. While ‘1899‘ is about the ship called ‘Prometheus‘ that comes across an abandoned ship during their travel. Despite the objections of passengers, the ship’s captain Eyk Larsen (Andreas Pietschmann), decides to answer the ship’s call.

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    Did Netflix Cancel ‘1899’ Because Of Plagiarism Accusations? 

    Netflix cancelled '1899' because of low completion rates
    Netflix canceled ‘1899’ because of low completion rates.

    Despite the accusations, nothing substantial came out of these claims. But this isn’t why Netflix decided to pull the plug on the show. It was a business decision to cut off costs. Many popular shows on Netflix have unceremoniously gone off air as part of Netflix’s new business strategy. The creators of ‘1899,’ Baran Bo Odar and Jantje Friese, had plans for the second and third seasons.

    In the wake of its declining popularity, Netflix has become cost-efficient. Fans were upset with ‘1899‘ being taken off. It made sense for Netflix to cancel ‘1899‘ since it didn’t generate enough profits to justify the production. It is believed that ‘1899’ met its end because of its below 50 percent “completion rate”—a percentage of how many viewers actually finish watching a show.

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