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    Real-Life Martha From ‘Baby Reindeer’ Sends A Strong Message To Richard Gadd Over “Obscene, Horrifying And Misogynistic” Netflix Show

    Netflix’s dark comedy ‘Baby Reindeer‘ has become an unexpected lightning rod for controversy. The show, based on comedian Richard Gadd‘s experiences with a woman named Martha, has been praised for its dark humor.

    However, ever since it’s related it has been slammed for its portrayal of women and its treatment of the truth. Additionally, now, the real-life Martha, identified only as Fiona Harvey, has come forward to denounce the series, calling it “obscene” and “misogynistic.”

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    “He Is Lying And They Are Lying:” Says Real Life Martha Fiona Harvey About Netflix’s ‘Baby Reindeer’

    Richard Gadd and Fiona Harvey
    Richard Gadd and Fiona Harvey (real life Martha)

    Gadd’s portrayal of Martha paints a disturbing picture. The character, played by Jessica Gunning, descends from a friendly acquaintance to a relentless stalker. She bombards the comedian with messages and threats. The show claims this behavior led to Martha’s imprisonment.  

    However, Harvey denies these events claiming “He is lying and they are lying”. In a recent interview with Piers Morgan, she expressed disgust at the show’s portrayal, stating she had only sent Gadd “a handful of jokey, bantery emails.” Harvey also revealed she has never been arrested for stalking and plans to sue Netflix and Gadd for defamation.  

    Leave me alone, please. Get a life, get a proper job. I am horrified at what you’ve done,” she added. Additionally, this public rebuttal throws the entire premise of the show into question. Was Gadd dramatizing events for comedic effect, or is there more to the story we’re not seeing?

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    Is ‘Baby Reindeer’ Exploitative?

    A still of Martha from Baby Reindeer
    A still of Martha from Baby Reindeer

    Baby Reindeer’ has been criticized for its treatment of mental health and its one-sided narrative. While some viewers find humor in Gadd’s portrayal of his anxieties, others see it as insensitive and exploitative. Harvey’s story adds another layer of complexity. Additionally, the show’s portrayal has subjected her to online harassment and death threats. 

    This raises a troubling question: is dark humor worth the potential harm it can cause to real people? This controversy highlights the fine line between artistic expression and exploitation. Gadd may have intended to create a dark comedy. However, the fallout for Harvey is all too real. 

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