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    Real-Life Martha From ‘Baby Reindeer’ Sues Netflix for $170 Million Over Stalker Portrayal

    The dark comedy miniseries Baby Reindeerhas stirred up real-life drama once again. Fiona Harvey who is allegedly the inspiration behind Martha has filed a lawsuit against Netflix, demanding a whopping $170 million in damages. 

    Harvey alleges that the character of Martha, a delusional and violent stalker portrayed by Jessica Gunning, is based on her. Additionally, she believes that her portrayal is absurd and untrue leading her to use Netflix.

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    Real-Life Martha Accuses ‘Baby Reindeer’ Of Lying About Being Based On A True Story And Defamation 

    Baby Reindeer's Martha and Real-Life Martha
    Baby Reindeer’s Martha and Real-Life Martha

    ‘Baby Reindeer,’ a breakout success on Netflix, follows the story of a comedian named Donny Don (played by Richard Gadd himself) who is relentlessly stalked by Martha. The show, based on Gadd’s real-life experiences, garnered critical acclaim for its dark humor and unflinching portrayal of obsession.  

    However, Fiona Harvey’s (the real-life Martha) lawsuit throws a wrench into the narrative. This is completely absurd,” Harvey claimed in an interview with Piers Morgan. “There’s no truth to these claims! It’s an outrageous defamation of my character.” Harvey’s legal team argues that the series creators failed to properly anonymize her. 

    As a result of Defendants’ lies, malfeasance, and utterly reckless misconduct, Harvey’s life had been ruined. Simply, Netflix and Gadd destroyed her reputation, her character, and her life, ” the lawsuit states. Her lawsuit basically accuses the show of lying about being based on a true story. In addition to the claims of defamation. 

    While the show doesn’t explicitly mention her name, online sleuths were quick to identify her as the inspiration behind Martha. Additionally, Harvey claims this has led to online harassment and damaged her professional reputation which is the reason behind her lawsuit. “I’ve had colleagues call me, asking if I’m the stalker lady from that Netflix show,” she added. “It’s humiliating and frankly, terrifying.

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    Netflix Sides With Richard Gadd For Sharing His Side Of The Story Despite The Huge Lawsuit 

    Donny Don and Martha in Baby Reindeer
    Donny Don and Martha in Baby Reindeer

    Netflix, on the other hand, is standing by the show and its creator. “We intend to defend this matter vigorously and to stand by Richard Gadd’s right to tell his story,” Netflix stated. The streaming giant argues that the series is a work of fiction, albeit inspired by real events. They claim Gadd took creative liberties and that Martha is a composite character, not a direct portrayal of Harvey. 

    The lawsuit hinges on the concept of defamation and the right of publicity. Additionally, Harvey’s lawyers will need to prove that the character of Martha is demonstrably her and that the portrayal has caused her harm. Netflix’s defense rests on the freedom of artistic expression and the fictionalization of real events. 

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