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    ‘The Crown’: Is Kate Middleton’s Mother The Mastermind Behind Her Relationship With Prince William?

    Netflix’s most celebrated original series, ‘The Crown’, has come to an end after six seasons. The sixth and last seasons were divided into two parts. The first part, which was released in November 2023, depicted the royal family’s life after the tragic death of Princess Diana in Paris and her last days of romance with Dodi Fayed. In the second part, the makers explored the relationship and marriage of Kate Middleton and Prince William, leading to an anti-climatic end to the series.

    In ‘The Crown’, Meg Bellamy and Ed McVey play Kate Middleton and Prince William. While some of the fans thought that it was love at first sight for the Prince and Princess of Wales, The two met at St. Andrews College in Scotland, and William was stumped to see Middleton at a charity fashion event. However, in the second part of the sixth season, ‘The Crown’ tells a different story. Kate’s mother, Carole Middleton, played an important part in orchestrating her daughter’s royal future.

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    ‘The Crown’ Claims Carole Middleton Consciously Curated Love Story Between Kate Middleton And Prince William

    Eve Best as Carole Middleton; Meg Bellamy and Ed McVey as Kate Middleton and Prince William in 'The Crown'
    Eve Best as Carole Middleton; Meg Bellamy and Ed McVey as Kate Middleton and Prince William in ‘The Crown’

    In ‘The Crown’, Peter Morgan focused on the budding love story between Kate Middleton and Prince William. There was her mother, Carole Middleton, played by the Tony-nominated actress Eve Best, who shone in the last part of the final season. The series claimed that Carole was the mastermind who curated the love story of Kate and William.

    The entrepreneur asks Kate if William knows she is back in the market after the breakup with Rupert Finch. Kate exclaims, “Mum!” Carole tells her daughter, “Well, maybe find a way of letting him know.” Kate makes a Pride And Prejudice reference, saying, “Honestly, you’re worse than Mrs. Bennet.”

    In an episode, Kate Middleton, played by Meg Bellamy, has a meltdown in front of her mother as she tries to meddle in her relationship with Prince William.

    Kate calls out her mother for making her switch from Edinburgh to St. Andrews, despite all of her friends going to the former college. She then lists curated coincidences like enrolling her in an art school in Florence, where William went, and even going on an expedition in Chile.

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    Several Royal Family Literature Hints At Carole’s Role As A Mastermind In Her Daughter’s Royal Future

    Carole Middleton carefully curated Kate Middleton and Prince William's relationship
    Carole Middleton carefully curated Kate Middleton and Prince William’s relationship

    A love story for story books or a well-engineered plan by Carole Middleton to secure her daughter, Kate Middleton’s, future? ‘The Crown’ has left the viewers baffled, making them scratch their heads about Kate and Prince William’s story.

    In ‘The Palace Papers’ by Tina Brown, the author credits Kate’s mother with helping her negotiate a royal romance. Tina writes, “It is unlikely Kate would be where she is today without her mother’s canny help in negotiating a royal romance.”

    Tina Brown also claimed that it was because of Prince William that Kate made the move to St. Andrews College. She wrote, “When the news was announced in 2000 that Prince William would be spending his university years at the small Scottish university of St. Andrews, Kate suddenly bailed out of Edinburgh University fifty miles away and reapplied at St. Andrews.”

    Kate Nicholl, who wrote ‘Kate: The Future Queen’, wrote in her book that it was very out of character for Kate to choose St. Andrews over Edinburgh. Kate wrote, “It was a bold move and very risky, and rather out of character for Kate. There was no guarantee that she would get a place in the history of arts program at St. Andrews, which was oversubscribed now that William has confirmed his place.”

    Even in the fashion charity show scene in ‘The Crown’, it is shown that Prince William has spent $275 to be in the front row. It is the scene where Kate wears a sheer dress that catches the attention of William.

    While Charlotte Todd, who designed the dress, said that she did not have Kate in mind while designing it, the series showed Kate scouring through the rake of dresses while being on the phone with Kate. She advises her, “Heels, not flats… It’s our duty to make use of the assets God has given us.”

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