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    The Witcher Season 3 Films An Iconic Ciri Scene In The Sahara Desert With Unicorns

    Erfoud, which is located in Morocco, is now serving as the set for the filming of the third season of The Witcher. Because of this, they have been laboring tirelessly on the dunes of the Sahara Desert to produce a live-action adaptation of one of the most iconic Ciri stories from Andrzej Sapkowski’s novel.

    KFTV has stated that once filming is completed in Morocco, the crew will go to Costa Rica and the Maldives to finish the establishing shots without the actors present in those locations.

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    The Sahara Desert Is Netflix’s Korath

    Sahara Desert
    Sahara Desert

    The shots recorded in Morocco immediately sparked suspicion that Netflix was reimagining Time of Contempt’s famous chapter in which Ciri gets lost in the Korath Desert.

    Ciri, played by Freya Allan, has been on the set of Korath for the last week, and from everything we’ve seen and heard, it’s safe to assume that the Sahara Desert is Korath.

    Only Freya Allan, one of the show’s stars, has been on location thus far. Filming has been taking place in the desert for the last week, with the occasional sandstorm to contend with. There was a lot of filming on the dunes, but it appears that there was also some in a parched plain.

    In addition to Freya Allan, there were additional stunt performers on location. It’s possible that other cast members were also in the audience.

    There Will Soon Be Unicorns In The Witcher Season 3

    Unicorns In The Witcher Season 3
    Unicorns In The Witcher Season 3

    It’s the appearance of two white horses that’s the most intriguing, as it signifies that unicorns are on their way! The two white horses depicted here are the only ones we know of. Ihuarraquax is most likely the unicorn on the right.

    Alternatively, it’s possible that they both played a unicorn. Because of the intense heat, it’s possible that one horse was rested while the other shot footage. Then, each horse’s mane is braided in a unique fashion shifting the tilt towards the prior assumption.


    Most of the filming was done with horses in the last few days; the horn will likely be added in post-production CGI, as horses aren’t ideal candidates for prosthetics.

    Shortly after the actors and crew finished filming a famous scene from the novels in Wales, production began in Morocco.

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