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    Will ‘Supacell’ Return For Season 2 On Netflix?

    The British superhero series ‘Supacell‘ landed on Netflix in June and became a surprise hit for the streaming service. Created by the acclaimed filmmaker Rapman, the show follows a group of London teenagers who discover they have superpowers.

    After just one week, ‘Supacell‘ was already one of Netflix’s most popular shows globally. However, Netflix has yet to announce whether the story will carry on with a second season. Here’s all we know about a potential second season and what creator Rapman has planned for the future.

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    Is ‘Supacell’ Season 2 Happening?


    Based on the strong early viewership and Rapman’s plan which is a three-season arc for ‘Supacell‘, all lean towards to the renewal of the show. Netflix considers viewership metrics as their top criteria when deciding the shows’ futures, and considering the level of reach the first season as had, works all in its renewal.

    With Rapman already looking forward to the next chapter, season two could potentially enter production in late 2024. Fans should remain optimistic based on the creator’s views and how much exposure the show has received within a few weeks of its release. Unless interest drops off, ‘Supacell‘ has checked enough boxes for Netflix to want to keep this new hit going.

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    ‘Supacell’ Witnessed Strong Debut Viewership


    In its first week of release, ‘Supacell‘ debuted at number two on Netflix’s global Top Ten list, just behind the new season of the mega-popular period drama ‘Bridgerton‘. The show amassed over 33.5 million hours in view time in a week and helped it propel to the Top Ten in over 80 countries worldwide in a week.

    Clearly, audiences around the globe have taken an interest in the story of these new teenage superheroes. With strong and sustained viewership, Netflix would be keen on keeping the new fans of the show engaged with a second season.

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